For day two, my gratitude is for something I find comfort in… My faith.

In the famous words of George Michael “Cuz ya gotta have faith”

And no, it isn’t George Michael’s song nor famed album “Faith” which I am talking about, but my Catholic faith, my faith in God, my belief in a higher power is what gives me tremendous comfort during tumultuous stressful times, sorrow, uncertainty and when I feel like giving up.

I know for certain no matter what hardships are thrown my way, it will all work out in the end. I believe everything does happen for a reason and yes, sometimes we don’t understand why something transpires as it does, and it makes absolutely no sense and it is impossible to see any good in a certain outcome… Yet, I have faith God is in control and what I don’t understand isn’t necessarily meant for me to understand and believing that life is not random accidents or incidents without reason or purpose gives me comfort too.

I have experienced friends leaving this earth too soon, relatives and parents of friends who should have been here for a decade or two longer. I don’t know why these beautiful souls had to leave us so soon, but I take comfort in my faith believing I will understand some day and I will see these people again. How it will all play out on the flip side, I am not certain.

The beauty of faith is you’re putting your trust in something you tangibly cannot see, touch, nor audibly hear, but still without a doubt, you believe.

My God has taken me through some excruciatingly challenging times and I am not sure if I would still be here if it weren’t for my faith in knowing God is watching over me. Like I said, everything works out in the end, but when you are in the thick of a storm, you are unable to see beyond the dark clouds.

It is rare to experience a hardship and be able to see the end plan God has in mind for you. Sometimes it takes a long time before you can truly see His plan unfold and then you still may not see it.

Cannot beat the Psalms

This is why on day two of my 30 days of gratitude, I am most grateful for my Catholic Faith and my faith in God. As it is my faith which gives me my greatest comfort in life.

What are you grateful for which gives you comfort?

Peace and love – Rachel

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