30 Days of Gratitude – Day 2

For day two, my gratitude is for something I find comfort in… My faith. And no, it isn’t George Michael’s song nor famed album “Faith” which I am talking about, but my Catholic faith, my faith in God, my belief in a higher power is what gives me tremendous comfort during tumultuous stressful times, sorrow, […]

Lent, Before the Filet-O-Fish

I became a Catholic in 2010 and before I crossed the Tiber River, I was well aware of “Fish Friday” during Lent and how it was specific to the Catholics. I had heard how McDonald’s introduced the Filet-O-Fish to allow Catholics to abstain from meat and still indulge in some salty fast food goodness. What […]

My Struggle as a Catholic in a Modern World

In a world where Christianity is not in vogue and Catholicism is the most unfashionable in the realm of Christian faiths, it can be challenging to be a practicing Catholic.  Throw in an undersized city such as Halifax, Nova Scotia where self-proclamations of atheism, new ageism and agnosticism prevail, and the few Christians who do […]