Day three is a tough one for me as it is “what is your favorite part of the morning?”. I am not a morning person and I don’t like to be spoken to within the first hour of waking. I honestly don’t think I have a favorite part in the morning as all of it is tough for me.

However, one of the first encounters I have every morning is seeing a beautiful view of our Atlantic Ocean from our living room window and our bathroom window (a bit odd but lovely all the same). Every time I see our skyline view I feel gratitude and think to myself, how blessed are we?!

Picture taken last fall 2019 after a hurricane warning and letters on the shoal which spelt Dartmouth were disassembled
Taken a few days ago before my 7:00am run and before the heat and humidity struck

Another part of my morning which I look forward to and I am guilty of being out of sorts if I don’t have any, is my coffee. I am beyond grateful for coffee; the rich smell alone encourages me to get through another hectic day of work. I love my coffee.

Grateful for morning coffee in my “Coffee Meow” which my hubs gave me

As much as I may moan about having to wake up early in the morning to go to work, I am grateful to have employment and in the field of my study. I hate having to wake up early, but if I had no reason to get up in the mornings, that would be much worse.

After a long run before I start my day, I look forward to my shower which is full of sweet smelling shampoo bars, conditioners, and other delightful potions & concoctions every girl dreams of having. I am grateful for the hot water which refreshes and cleans me and I am grateful for the fresh cotton towels which dry me.

A quick snap of some of my favorite bath products

Despite not being a morning person and not having a favorite part in the waking hours, rising from bed could be a lot worse without all the many blessings I have for which I am deeply grateful.

Are you a morning person? Do you favor a particular part of your morning routine? I would love to know!

Peace and love – Rachel

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