Stand By Your Man

Last night one of my besties, Jilly Bean, came to town for a visit.   I am on the left and Jill is on the right.  We went to a local watering hole to meet up with some other friends for a couple of beverages.  We then stopped by a mutual friend’s pad to hang […]

The Reality of Online Dating

The past couple of blogs have been going over red flags I encountered with online dating and most specifically to men as this is where my experience lies. The truth of the matter is I don’t have all the answers and it took me a long time, and a lot of dates with a lot […]

Online Dating & the Less Obvious Red Flags

Now that you know to avoid the profiles which don’t have a picture or won’t share any additional photos, we can move onto a few more less obvious red flags.   Let’s analyze the “biography” portion of an online profile and what one may indicate about him or herself:    Beware of the bio which contains […]

Online Dating Red Flags

   The world of online dating can be a daunting and stressful, even when matches seem to be plentiful and desirable. The sad truth is you really do not know what to expect until you go on that first face to face date and then you can assess the situation a little bit better. Regardless […]

The 411 on Online Dating Sites

I heard that there are over 40 million men and women looking for love online; this is more than the population of Canada (estimated population was 35,749,600 on April 1, 2015 – Stats Canada). According to one out of five relationships start online.   With so many online profiles, you are bound to stumble upon […]

Dating in the 21st Century 

      As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, for once I can say I am happily coupled. Previous to meeting my beau, dating was exhausting, and for those who say it is fun I believe they are either lying or in a relationship and suffering from “the grass is always greener syndrome”. Okay, I […]

Tinder Surprise

A common question you may hear among singles is the question “Do you Tinder?”.  Well, I do Tinder and I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!   I have found “Tindering” to be most delightful. Yes, it has the reputation of being a tool for picking up, but many of the profiles are looking for a relationship, or […]

The Age of the Selfie

Within the past two years the words “Narcissist” and “Narcissism” have become commonplace in describing a large amount of individuals.  A girlfriend of mine and I were discussing this very topic recently, and attributed the increase of “narcissistic” persons due to social media.  Anyone, can be a star today, based on how many retweets you […]

The Wonderful World of Online Dating

Long gone are the days of organic meetings or serendipitous encounters at a café or restaurant.  The past decade or possibly longer has been shopping for a potential mate via online dating sites, which seems to work very well for many, but not for all.  Not for me. I have a number of friends and […]