Today’s gratitude is actually supposed to be yesterday’s, but I wanted to ponder a bit more on what my favorite memory is, as I felt like I am repeating myself. However, there is no denying it, my most cherished memory was the day I said “I do” to my husband, Brian.

Making our way down the aisle with only the few front pews filled. We did the wedding our way, very small and intimate.

The whole day was a whirlwind, but one moment stands out to me and it was when I first entered the church and I saw Brian waiting to walk with me down the aisle. We both looked at each other and began to cry (pretty sure I ugly cried for a brief moment – thank you Chanel for the waterproof mascara).

As my bestie Jill drove around the block to get the timing right before the drop off; this picture was taken moments before I was to lay eyes on Brian.

Both of us were completely overwhelmed by emotion. It felt like a small life review of all the hardships we had gone through in our pasts and survived, and the future was all laid out before us as we fully committed to living our lives as partners till death due us part. I remember Brian smiling and half crying saying “you look so beautiful! And baby we made it!”.

My lovely sister in law gave us this chalk board to put on display at our reception which includes all our key moments enroute to our nuptials.

The actual wedding was a blur as I was beyond nervous as friends and family watched us share in what I considered to be an intimate moment.

Sealing the deal with a kiss!

There were so many emotions bubbling up inside me. I saw my Dad who was in a wheelchair as he was unable to walk me down the aisle due to his severe neuropathy. I saw my Mom who had aged so much in the past five years. It was a lot to process.

It was a beautiful day, a perfect day in fact, but my absolute favorite memory was when Brian and I both laid eyes on each other and for a moment of less than a few seconds the world stopped; I couldn’t see anyone else, it was just us about to embark on our future together as we entered the sacrament of marriage.

All done and now we can enjoy the rest of the day…

I have many wonderful memories from my past, and a plethora of brilliant moments, but I am most grateful for the special few seconds I shared with my husband while the world and all material matter dissolved around us and it was only us.

On the rooftop of our building. Photograph by Applehead Photography

What is your favorite memory or what moment in your life thus far are you most grateful for?

Empty glasses about to be christened by the bride and groom…

Peace & love – Rachel

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