Impossible? I’m Possible & So are You! 

On December 16, 2017 what seemed like a pipe dream after 27 years of dating (started dating when I was 17); I received my first “real” & hopefully last marriage proposal!   I am sure my parents broke out the champagne & praised the Lord for something they also figured would never happen.  I was […]

That Dreaded Question “Why are You Single?”

Why are you single has to be one of the most ridiculous questions someone can ask a single person.  There was a time when I started to reply with a variety of answers to show the absurdity of the question itself.  My number one answer was “because I have a personality disorder” and when I […]

Dating After 30…

Dating after 30 is like shopping for clothes in a second hand shop.  Everything has been worn to varying degrees; some items are damaged and need repair.  Some pieces are beyond repair and shouldn’t be touched.   Yet, every now and then you find that shirt which is the perfect fit, your style, and is […]

Men Are Simple – Women Are Not 

Before a bunch of dudes get their boxers in a knot, this isn’t a blog about dissing your gender or emasculating men.   Today what I am talking about specifically is the world of dating between men and women.  How men will say or do one thing and how women try to “interpret” or “mind […]

Stand By Your Man

Last night one of my besties, Jilly Bean, came to town for a visit.   I am on the left and Jill is on the right.  We went to a local watering hole to meet up with some other friends for a couple of beverages.  We then stopped by a mutual friend’s pad to hang […]

Dating in the 21st Century 

      As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, for once I can say I am happily coupled. Previous to meeting my beau, dating was exhausting, and for those who say it is fun I believe they are either lying or in a relationship and suffering from “the grass is always greener syndrome”. Okay, I […]

Tinder Surprise

A common question you may hear among singles is the question “Do you Tinder?”.  Well, I do Tinder and I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!   I have found “Tindering” to be most delightful. Yes, it has the reputation of being a tool for picking up, but many of the profiles are looking for a relationship, or […]

The Wonderful World of Online Dating

Long gone are the days of organic meetings or serendipitous encounters at a café or restaurant.  The past decade or possibly longer has been shopping for a potential mate via online dating sites, which seems to work very well for many, but not for all.  Not for me. I have a number of friends and […]

The Benefits of a Broken Heart

I meant to post this blog on Valentine’s Day, but I thought I should allow the lovers of the world to enjoy this silly day without a “Bitter Betty” throwing fecal matter at love.  Two days later, and yes, I am here to tell you that there are copious benefits to a broken heart. Losing […]

My Struggle as a Catholic in a Modern World

In a world where Christianity is not in vogue and Catholicism is the most unfashionable in the realm of Christian faiths, it can be challenging to be a practicing Catholic.  Throw in an undersized city such as Halifax, Nova Scotia where self-proclamations of atheism, new ageism and agnosticism prevail, and the few Christians who do […]