I meant to post this blog on Valentine’s Day, but I thought I should allow the lovers of the world to enjoy this silly day without a “Bitter Betty” throwing fecal matter at love.  Two days later, and yes, I am here to tell you that there are copious benefits to a broken heart.

  1. Losing Weight: I have recently endured my own shattered heart, and it has affected me physiologically.  I lost eight pounds in five days, quite possibly water weight, or my muscle mass is deteriorating from being in a catatonic state of shock, but it is still eight pounds down.  Almost half way to my goal so can I get a “woot woot”?!  So, when your heart breaks it often causes you not to want to eat because for once in your life, you have no appetite.  I have worked out and dieted, but have yet to see results of this speedy nature, so I am pleased…
  2. Getting to know yourself and love yourself.  Now that you have an endless amount of hours, you can work on all the projects you had put on the back burner so you could spend time with your ungrateful person of interest.  For me this means time with the piano, writing, my many half started art projects  and reassessing my life in general.  You have time to write out new goals, put plans into place and make the changes you need to find  your state of bliss.  Oh bliss, how I miss you.  Funny how when you are happiest someone always seems to wiggle in and turn your world upside down, but I digress.  The problem with love is that you often give so much of yourself, that when it does end, you find yourself missing pieces of yourself.  So, now is your chance to reassess, re-evaluate and learn from your mistakes.
  3. Benefit numero trois!  Moe Money!  Well, that depends on who you were with, this will probably apply to the guys more so than the girls.  In my case, I was spending a lot of money and rarely being treated, because of the difference in income, so more money for me now!  Yay!
  4. Catching up with old friends  you dropped to some degree so you could spend time with your person. Your friends will support you and often treat you to chocolate and wine hoping to cheer you up.  Let them baby you, especially if number three applies to you like it did to me.
  5. Spending time with your pets.   Animals are great, they are known to reduce blood pressure and they can sense when you’re upset, so you will have even more time to appreciate their marvellous magical healing powers.
  6. Music, finding music which allows you to cry and heal. Or music which empowers you! This ties in with number two, rediscovering who you are and getting to know yourself again.  Elliott Smith, has been a God send, but he has always been my go to when I am hurting.  Ironically enough, he committed suicide by stabbing his own heart with a knife.  I suspect he suffered from a broken heart himself, but more for the sufferings of life in general.
  7. Finally, when you know it is over, you need to move on.  Although, you may be hurting, you now have the opportunity to dream of a better future and find someone new.  Someone who appreciates your love, someone who would never dream of walking away, would never risk losing you, would rather be in pain than hurt you.  Anything less is unacceptable.  Good riddance…

It is a miserable time, but life will go on with or without you.  So, be good to yourself, and give your heart to someone who deserves it.  Fall in love with you, as they say no one can love you unless you love yourself.

Kitty love:

kitty love

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