Today is about a challenge I am grateful for having experienced. I didn’t enjoy the challenge, but it gave me a whole new appreciation for my mobility.

A montage of pics from when I had my bunionectomy & osteotomy in 2015

The surgery was the easy part, but the recovery near killed me. Not being able to walk for six weeks unless I had crutches was the hard part. Not being able to use crutches without possibly falling in the dead of winter made getting around even more difficult. I was completely dependent on Brian and friends to get me around.

This was me during recovery & I hated waiting for my foot to heal
Me laid up on the couch trying to stay positive
Gifts from Brian after three months of dating; picture was hours after my surgery and before I was able to have a fiberglass cast
At the theatre
At Mass…
Out for the day with a friend at Kent Building Supplies
Then at home with my Gershwin in my old one bedroom apartment

I never knew how difficult and discouraging it would be to be in a cast for only six weeks. Being able to walk is such a blessed miracle. If you are able to walk, you should count your blessings to have the use of your legs and feet.

I became so depressed with my lack of mobility in the dead of winter and having to rely on Brian and worrying how this would impact us as our relationship was new. We survived!
The day I no longer had to wear my cast and I moved into a boot I celebrated; I still had to use my crutches as I couldn’t put full weight on it for another six weeks…

The struggle and challenge of being limited in my mobility allowed me to understand just how blessed I am, and for this I am grateful.

Suki checking out my plaster cast shortly after surgery

What is a challenge you have had which you are grateful for experiencing?

Peace & Love – Rachel

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