In my quest for a less cluttered life and embracing minimalism; the reason for the pursuance of less is to free up the precious commodity which none of us seem to have enough of is “time”.

The more busy I become with work, navigating traffic during rush hour, checking into social media outlets, I have noticed I am in a constant battle against time. I am perpetually trying to find more time, or beat time so I can arrive on time and have more down time. I work in the position I do so I can enjoy my time, by buying what I need or want, and use those items to make my time pleasant.

Every time I purchase something, I think how many hours of work did this take from me? As essentially the possessions we have can be broken into hours and minutes. When you think about spending money as spending time, depending on what you value more could determine whether or not you indulge.

We work so we can enjoy our time while we are alive. However, how many of us our killing ourselves with work and not taking the time to take care of ourselves? How many of us sleep beside our phones turned on at night so we don’t miss an important text or call in the middle of the night. Do we own time or does time own us?

Better yet, I think we need to ask ourselves why we do what we do & what is the end result? Are we meeting this end result? Is what we make worth our time or is it maybe time to find work which provides more balance in life? Is earning six figures a necessary evil to maintain a certain lifestyle at the expense of your health?

When sick with something terminal if not in excruciating pain, what is the one thing people say they wish they had more of?

It is time. Not money, not a new car, not a new face, but time, and why time? So, they can spend more time with their loved ones.

If you ask me, all of our efforts to save time with technology has done the complete opposite. We have less time, less work life balance and heaps of possessions we have no “time” to actually enjoy. We live in some very shallow times where we have been fooled to believe that working towards a life of opulence is the way to go.

Opulence doesn’t come for free. Anyone I know who has a better than average take home salary, they work hard for their money. Some work so hard they do let their health slip; self care is not a priority and when you don’t take care of yourself, you are putting yourself at risk of exhaustion, health issues and you will become disenchanted and bitter.

I leave you with this question… If health is wealth, just how wealthy are you?

Peace & Love – Rachel x

Published by You Know Jacques!

Living in beautiful Nova Scotia. Blogging about everything under the sun from social injustices, minimalism & the corruption of over consumerism, traveling the world & experiencing different cultures, mental health issues, diet, dating, book/restaurant/product reviews and social issues. I hope to encourage and inspire being authentic as I can be. I hope you enjoy what I have to share and please feel free to drop me a line.

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