We Need a Slow Revolution

Remember when you asked a person “how’s it going?” and the standard response would be “it’s going alright” or “fine” or “good good”, but more often than not today the response is “BUSY!” and then you sympathize and say “I know, so busy”. Being busy has become a cultural norm. I long for the days […]

Day 16 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

I love fun socks, but I probably own over 60 pairs and that is not including the 16 pairs I am giving away.  It is a sacrifice to the fun socks god.   There are a few pairs I picked up while visiting South Korea.  Everything in SK is so adorable & since I am […]

Day 5 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

Today I decided to inspect the expiration date on some condiments.  I found five items which were past their best before date by a few months (shhhhh the tahini expired in 2016).   I had some pickled garlic scapes which expired back in 2017, Big Mac sauce and two salad dressings (plus the antique tahini).  […]

Day 4 – Summer 2018 Mins Game 

I could have titled this blog as crap my mother pawns off on me.  My Mom is an extremely generous and kind woman, but she is without a doubt a certifiable shopaholic of the worst kind.  She is a woman who shops based on a delectable variety of enticing measures used by sales people & […]

Day 3 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

I am melting from the heatwave which has hit the East Coast at full force in Canada, so I shall be brief.  Ironically, today I am getting rid of two deodorants as I am using an all natural deodorant from Saje which works fabulously.   The spray deodorant by Dove my Mom bought me and […]

Day 2 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

Some great stuff to purge from your space is old make up.  This can include your old as dirt make up, or beauty products you are just not using.  If brand new and not open or used; you can give it away to a friend, a women’s shelter or even a food bank (they will […]

Day 1 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

Yesterday was Canada Day & there are 31 days in the month of July, so today I am beginning my third attempt at the #minsgame or Minimalism Challenge.  The Minimalists created this challenge where you get rid of a number of items based on what day you are getting rid of stuff. For example, today […]

Day 10 – Minimalism Challenge

I most likely will be powering through a few days shortly. I am “KonMari-ing” my place and plan to get rid of loads of clutter.  The following ten clothing items did not spark joy in me!     1. Lululemon cropped pants 2. Lululemon winter hat 3. A non functional hat which does nothing for my […]

Day 7 – Minimalism Challenge 2016

I apologize for the delay on reporting day seven; I am going to continue with this challenge ignoring the fact that more than a couple of days have passed.  Clutter doesn’t only have to happen in a physical manifestation, but it can also happen in balancing your work life and social life.  Quality time with […]

Day Three – Minimalism Challenge

I am going to keep it short and sweet today.  I am giving away a pair of earrings I have worn recently, but I do not like the way they look, a satin pillow case from Thailand with a broken zipper and a pillow without a case which in addition is an odd shape which has been sitting in […]