Day 1 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

Yesterday was Canada Day & there are 31 days in the month of July, so today I am beginning my third attempt at the #minsgame or Minimalism Challenge.  The Minimalists created this challenge where you get rid of a number of items based on what day you are getting rid of stuff. For example, today is day one, so I only have to get rid of one item.  Tomorrow, I will need to purge of two things and come day 15 – I will need to find 15 objects to dispose of, sell, or give away.  

This will go on for 30 days, if I can make it that far.  So far, in previous attempts I have made it to day 27 and day 26.

The purpose of the Minimalism Challenge is to purge my environment of unnecessary stuff which doesn’t hold value in my life nor brings me joy. 

Today’s item is a toss away for me.  It is an expensive face cream by Elizabeth Arden my Mom pawned off on me as it didn’t agree with her skin.  I tried using it, but it was making me break out. I was holding onto this because I felt guilty to toss it in the garbage when it cost more than $100.  It isn’t something I would buy and it has no value to me.  

Don’t let your mom or others guilt you into taking something they do not want anymore, it becomes your burden. Set yourself free and let it go. 

Let’s see what tomorrow brings for day two! 

Peace & Love – Rachel

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