I most likely will be powering through a few days shortly. I am “KonMari-ing” my place and plan to get rid of loads of clutter. 

The following ten clothing items did not spark joy in me! 

1. Lululemon cropped pants

2. Lululemon winter hat

3. A non functional hat which does nothing for my appearances

4. A black maxi dress which is a bit see through…

5. A plaid scarf I bought in Munich, but I have so many I only wear it so it doesn’t feel left out…

6. A purple dressy top my mom bought me and I have not worn once. Just not my style…

7. A hand me down sweater I like but don’t love

8. A blue top which just doesn’t fit me well

9. A short black skirt which would probably be more cute on a twenty something year old. 

10. A purple cardigan I rarely wear

So, I have lots more to get rid of. I have already made room in my storage closet with some larger items I disposed of or gave away. I won’t be throwing any of this clothing out. I will be donating it to charity and friends who have expressed interest. 

It feels so good to be rid of stuff I don’t love. It is cleansing and liberating. 

Peace and love – Rachel

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