Day 7 – Minimalism Challenge 2016

I apologize for the delay on reporting day seven; I am going to continue with this challenge ignoring the fact that more than a couple of days have passed.  Clutter doesn’t only have to happen in a physical manifestation, but it can also happen in balancing your work life and social life.  Quality time with the ones you love will occasionally trump extracurricular activities like blogging.  

Day 7: 

As the items increase I will list them as below:

  1. Lululemon infinity scarf
  2. Purple leg cast cover (for showering
  3. Hello Kitty mat
  4. Black wool sweater
  5. 6. 7. Christmas erasers 

I really love my Lululemon infinity scarf, but I recently purchased another scarf by the same label.  I have a friend who is a single Mom and I am going to give the posted one above  to her as she rarely treats herself.  The Christmas erasers were in my stocking and really? What am I going to do with those? Nothing, but some kid could enjoy them. I am over Hello Kitty; I no longer have a cast (hooray!). The black wool sweater I shrunk so someone more petite than me can squeeze into it. 

Peace & Love – Rachel 


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You Know Jacques!

Living in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. BA in Political Science, bailed on pursuing law school or international relations. Despite always wanting to be a writer, wound up in the wonderful world of HR. Opinionated yet reserved due to being Canadian and career choice. Hope you enjoy what I have to share. x

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