How do I show gratitude for my friendships? This is today’s gratitude question… To me the answer is pretty simple, just be a good friend!

Heck yes!!!!

What does being a good friend mean to me? Being genuine, supportive, and having a friend’s back when they may not be present. Coming to their defense when someone else may throw shade at them or spill tea. Putting yourself at risk to be criticized or shunned to come to their defense.

Don’t think I want a friendship representative of Blair & Serena from Gossip Girl

Being there for your friends when the chips are down and celebrating with your friends when good news comes their way.

Not so long ago I had many pointless dramas which were on a repetitive rotation

Genuinely wanting the best for your friends and doing whatever you can within your power to help raise them up. Building your friends up when they are feeling down and letting them know how much you do love them and how much you value their friendship.

Yes x

To me friends are like family. If you mess with them, you are messing with me. I show my gratitude for my friendships by being the best true friend I can be.

I have a couple of sisters from other misters

I am grateful for the friendships I have and life can become so busy, and even though I may not always be in contact as often as I like; I would hope that any friend of mine would feel it is okay to reach out to me in a moment of need.

I found this meme and well, it is just cute!

How do you show gratitude for your friendships?

Peace & Love – Rachel

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