Today’s gratitude question is “what is your guilty pleasure?” What a timely question as I indulged in my guilty pleasure for a couple of hours this evening after work.

My favorite train wreck couple; Colt from the USA & Larissa from Brazil

90 Day Fiancé is my guilty pleasure and I may need an intervention soon as TLC is pumping out several spin offs and I am watching most of them. It is trashy, full of drama llamas, and jaw dropping bad behavior from across the globe not precluding the United States.

The original couple who put 90 Day Fiancé on the reality TV map, Mohammad from Tunisia & Danielle from the the USA

I am grateful for this guilty pleasure as sometimes it is nice to shut off your brain and yell at the tv over someone’s ridiculous behavior.

Some of our 90 Day Fiancé cast members

Marriage is no joke and some of these marriages are legitimate and will work, but others are completely ridiculous and questionable at best. A lot of older women in their late 40s & early 50s finding young twenty something men from foreign countries; A number of older men too with young women.

Another favorite couple, Kalini from the USA and Asuelu from Samoa

I cannot help myself; I adore 90 Day Fiancé & all the dramatic entertainment it provides. If you are looking to escape from reality and all this global pandemic craziness, I highly recommend taking a boo at 90 Day Fiancé! I also recommend using your PVR so you can fast forward through the commercials. You’re welcome!

Peace & Love – Rachel

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