Today’s question is what is the biggest gift in your life right now? Of course the immediate answer for me is God and my faith, but I am going to focus on another gift I am so ultimately grateful for which is my health and Canada’s healthcare system.

My mother in law was over for supper tonight and we were discussing the situation in the United States with the Corona Virus and how a man had caught Covid19 from his stepson who had attended a party and brought it home to the whole family. The man has diabetes and an issue with his heart and had to be put on a ventilator for 21 days. He survived the virus, thank God, but was left with a bill of $500,000.00 to pay. I honestly, don’t know what people do in the USA who become ill and do not have a good insurance plan.

Canada’s healthcare covers the above and more …

In Canada, we may pay a lot of taxes and with an aging population, I suspect healthcare taxes will continue to go up, but everyone is entitled to the same healthcare in Canada. If you have to have an emergency surgery or develop a disease, our healthcare system will look after you and not leave you in debt.

Good health is the greatest gift anyone can ask for, and having access to proper healthcare is a right not a privilege. My income and insurance plan does not give me better medical care than someone who has a lower income & no insurance plan. Yes, for some things such as dental and other specialized medical, my insurance does give me an advantage such as having access to a private psychologist (as opposed to being assigned to one & having to possibly wait) or my plan covers my massages and care provided by my chiropractor. I am blessed and grateful for this too, but essentially, I live in a country where if someone needed to be on a ventilator for days, or have multiple surgeries, no matter the cost, it would be covered for whomever.

Symbol for Canada’s Healthcare

I have had few health scares in recent years, but in the end, nothing too impactful had to happen besides having a few surgeries and being left with a few scars. My surgeries were covered and as a child and my parents didn’t have to incur the cost and as an adult my most recent surgeries, I didn’t have to pay a cent out of pocket.

Thank you Canada!

When you are healthy, the world is your oyster and you can do whatever you want to do. Being healthy allows me to exercise regularly and try to maintain my stamina, strength and cardiovascular health. It allows me to help my parents and others. Good health makes life so much easier and enjoyable.

I have said this for years, health is wealth. I have seen the decline of my parents’ health and the struggles they now face, and it is so important to look after yours as best as you can now, as your body starts to decline as you age, and if you think it is tough now, wait in ten years.

Yes, the greatest gift for me is my health and the wonderful healthcare system Canada provides to all of her citizens. God bless Canada!

Rocking my healthy butt as best as I can at 46 years of age… Yeah, that’s right! YOLO!

Peace & Love & Stay Well – Rachel

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