Today’s question is “what future event are you excited about?”. I am most enthusiastic about when my husband and I will go on our honeymoon despite not having a date picked out anymore due to the Covid19 virus, we are continuing to save money so we can either expand on our travels or bump up on the luxury meter of how we travel and where we stay.

Oh la la! First class, but unlikely…

May 23, 2020, we were supposed to fly out to Vienna, Austria and spend a week exploring before hitting up Budapest, Hungary. We had to cancel our honeymoon plans because of the global pandemic and we were obviously disappointed. The last trip we took together outside of Canada was Florence, Italy in 2016. When we got married in 2019, we didn’t have enough money saved to pay for a honeymoon, so we decided, rather incurring debt, we would postpone and save so we could pay with money we had, and not pay back to VISA plus interest and all that good stuff.

October 2016 – me in Tuscany, Italy

Although we don’t know when we will be able to travel again and depending on whether there is a vaccine developed or the virus dies out like the 1918 Spanish Flu, it may be a long while before we can safely travel internationally.

Budapest, Hungary

We have a lot of fun discussing the different places we may want to add on to our trip such as Salzburg in Austria and we can do the Sound of Music tour and if we can manage to take Iceland Air, we may make a pit stop to Iceland for a few days. Maybe we can even visit the home of Elves for fun!

Little houses in Iceland where the Elves live. This is no joke, google it!

We have a lot to be grateful for and many people do not have the finances, privilege and opportunity to travel the world like we can, and we are truly blessed.

Salzburg, Austria!

I cannot wait to go on our honeymoon and explore another part of the world we have not seen before. We are hopeful it will be next year, but being safe and looking after our health is our priority so even if it is in another two or three years, we can wait. Gosh, if it takes that long we may be able to save for an African Safari, who knows! I cannot wait though!

Would love to see one of these beauties in their natural habitat.

What is something in your future you are excited about and grateful for?

Florence, Italy 2016

Peace, love & stay safe – Rachel

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