Day 20 – Summer 2018 Mins Game 

Today is day 20 of the #minsgame; it is getting harder, but not so hard that I am coming up empty.   Today’s purge involved the bathroom cupboards and I came up with the following:  1-10 A variety of skin products to be tossed  11-12 Choker necklaces 13 Old crusty contact lens container  14-16 Hair […]

Ending 2017 with Intention

I must give credit where credit is due so I want to share what blogger and author Cait Flanders shared with her readers from Daisy for “No Sidebar” , which is ten questions I have copied below to end the 2017 intentionally. I encourage all of you to visit the URL I pasted […]

Prepping for a Successful Shopping Ban

I am a firm believer in the old adage “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”, most especially if it is something you aspire to be or acquire.   I have tried the “Shopping Ban” a couple of times, and I have failed, and perhaps I just wasn’t ready. I was a self proclaimed […]

Declutter Your Email

I don’t know about you, but I spend a good portion of my day on a computer and much of it responding to emails and deleting emails I have been copied on which I really shouldn’t be copied on, but better safe than sorry when it comes to work.  The last thing I want to […]

2017’s Resolutions 

Here is my list of New Year’s resolutions. However, I could just skip the list and tell you my ultimate goal is to be mindful in everything I do, and to focus on today, not worrying so much about tomorrow and leaving the past where it belongs… Be mindful in everything I do. Focus on […]

Living in Excess 

Never has there been a time in Western civilization that over indulgement has become mainstream & admired; we have become slaves to our possessions & the almighty dollar.  With advertisements inundating our social media, our emails, magazines and tvs – the North American dream is to own in excess of what is acceptable or reasonable. […]

Shopping for Leather in Florence, Italy

When one visits Florence, Italy, a treasure you may want to bring back for yourself or a loved one is a gift made out of their famous Florentine leather. The problem is many merchants in Florence want to get in on the leather action, and some leathers are better than others, sadly some leathers are […]

Impulse Shopping

Being a self proclaimed shopaholic, I have been prone to impulse buys, and I come by it naturally. My Mom is a Shopaholic and one of the worst kinds, she doesn’t feel like she has a problem, and she feels she can justify her large bills all summed up into a four letter word SALE! […]

The Shopping Ban List

I’ve come to the realization it doesn’t matter how much money you make, but it is all about how you spend it. One cardinal rule should be to live within your means, but also have a buffer of funds set aside for emergencies, or for a vacation which comes up or whatever.  What I have […]

Day 9 – Minimalism Challenge

As I have not been posting consistently, I noticed I missed a day. I have been busily going through all my clothing and belongings seeing what does not “spark joy” in me and it has come to my attention I tend to buy a lot of clothing without being mindful of my current wardrobe and […]