As I have not been posting consistently, I noticed I missed a day. I have been busily going through all my clothing and belongings seeing what does not “spark joy” in me and it has come to my attention I tend to buy a lot of clothing without being mindful of my current wardrobe and what I truly love. 

Let’s look at the nine items which do not “spark joy” for me.  

  1. Throw Pillow
  2. Throw Pillow
  3. Throw Pillow
  4. Orange Linen Top
  5. Plaid Top
  6. Strapless Bar Star Top
  7. Nylon Trench Coat
  8. Grey Wool Sweater
  9. Black Top

The throw pillows were pilling and I didn’t like how they felt or looked anymore. Orange isn’t a great color on me; the Trench coat looked “cheap” and I never felt comfortable wearing it so I was glad to give it away. The black top required a repair which would have cost me money and I wasn’t s crazy for the top anymore as I was when initially purchased. The strapless bar star top looked like it was possibly supposed to be a dress for a very short person, on me it looked like a Stars on Ice ensemble and although I loved the top part and bling appliqué, but I looked like an Amazon woman who wanted to be an Icecapades star. 

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