I am not talking about the movie where Cameron Diaz plays the much sought after beautiful blonde named Mary. I am talking about Jesus’s Mother Mary aka the blessed among women, Mary.

Mary holding the baby Jesus

Being raised in a Protestant household, I never gave much thought to Mary besides being a nice lady whom God chose to be the mother of Jesus. She was special, but not holy, and did not remain a virgin as I was taught she had more children and she sinned like everyone else sins, just maybe a little less.

I was told Catholics worshipped Mary and idolized her. As a child, I was told Catholics worshipped & prayed to numerous idols and it was a polytheistic faith and to avoid them at all costs, and not to attend mass with friends who invited me in case I did something to offend God. I grew up thinking Catholics were terrifying.

Despite my former beliefs as a Protestant, it would seem God wanted me to find Mary. It was 2001 and my first time in Rome, Italy and I wanted to bring back something to remind me of my visit and I stumbled upon a bunch of cool Catholic iconic images printed on shirts which I thought at the time were funny and unique, so I bought one!

The shirt I bought in Rome, Italy by Cowboys & Angels

When I flew back home leaving Paris after being away for two weeks I was limited in clean clothes so I put on my new Mary shirt, and the reactions I received I did not expect. I thought I would get a few giggles at the most, but the folks I encountered were dead serious and moved by the imagery I was wearing. I even had a French pilot say “oh the blessed Mary!” and others approached me and asked where I got the beautiful shirt with the blessed Virgin and one passenger said they felt more at peace flying knowing I was wearing this image of Mary. At the time, I thought it was funny for there to be such positive reactions to this souvenir top, but it also made me think, what is it about Mary which makes Catholics so excited?

Close up of the shirt I still have in my closet; 20 years later

Never in a million years did I ever think I would become Catholic and never in two million years did I ever think I would ask Mary to pray for me and give her my petitions. I also didn’t think Mary would keep on popping up in my life and in different ways before I became a Catholic and after I entered the Catholic faith.

There is something about Mary and I will be sharing more soon.

Peace & Love & Stay Safe – Rachel

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