What exactly does is mean to vote with your money? It means every dollar you spend is helping build a world for future generations to live in. When you spend money on whatever it may be, you are casting an important vote as to what kind of world you want to live in. Think about it… How is that even possible? Let me provide you some examples…

“Who Gives a Crap” toilet paper & other paper products company donates 50% of their sales to underdeveloped countries to provide toilets to those who otherwise would not have toilets & plumbing.
Besides pretty packaging they use sustainable bamboo and recycled paper in their products

I voted with my money by buying a smaller business’s product in addition to helping the environment and contributing to those in need with my purchase. See what I mean?

One thing I witnessed during some of the crazier months with Covid19 was how communities pulled together to support local businesses. Whether they were small shops who offered curbside pickup or locally owned restaurants the hashtag appeared everywhere in Instagram saying #supportlocal and many of us hopped on this wagon. It was a beautiful thing.

Take out from my favorite local Japanese restaurant Doraku – it is a weekly staple in our household

You can also vote with your dollars by not supporting fast fashion which is the second largest contributor to the destruction of the environment with tonnes of mountainous clothing landfills which is because of the low prices and quality – fashion has become disposable like… well, like toilet paper…

The above image is common throughout the world. Many clothing items like new or never worn are donated to thrift shops but due to the high volume of donations they end up shipping are unwanted “trash” to under developed countries where they cannot accommodate the volume of donations…

I see friends posting pictures of new hauls of clothing and then commenting how they just donated their old clothing to charity as though they are doing something good. Donating is a good thing, isn’t it? It is better than tossing it in a rubbish bin, but buying less and more quality items you truly love and want to keep for as long as you can is better for the earth.

If you vote yes to fast fashion, you are also supporting unfair wages and unsafe, inhumane working conditions

It is important to remember that no human is greater than another. We are all equal in the eyes of our creator. If we applied the golden rule in all that we do including how we shop and vote with our dollars, we would be more inclined to support brands with the fair trade symbol or shop from businesses where we know what a company is doing to help support their employees & creating quality, durable, naturally derived products.

Logos I wished we saw more often in our grocery stores and department stores

You can make a difference. One person can make a small difference and many of us working towards a common goal of creating a better world for our future generations can make a massive difference.

Image taken from Economic Times

How you spend your money matters. What kind of world do you want to live in? Think about it…

Peace & Love – Rachel

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Living in beautiful Nova Scotia. Blogging about everything under the sun from social injustices, minimalism & the corruption of over consumerism, traveling the world & experiencing different cultures, mental health issues, diet, dating, book/restaurant/product reviews and social issues. I hope to encourage and inspire being authentic as I can be. I hope you enjoy what I have to share and please feel free to drop me a line.

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