Today I am supposed to talk about the best gift I have ever received. I can think of many amazing gifts friends, family and my husband have given me.

Brian gave me Le Creuset for my birthday this year
I plan to make coq au vin in this bad boy!
Receiving a ring plus a proposal was also a once in a lifetime gift for me
Both cats were rescues and gifted to me and they are priceless… Well, Suki was gifted to Gershwin as they became so attached my former roomie couldn’t bare to separate them…

The one gift I want to share, and is by far the best gift I have ever received. I am scared of offending others by talking about this gift as it is my faith as a Catholic and as a Christian and the gift God gave to the world, His son, Jesus Christ.

One of my favorite images of Christ, Jesus holding a lamb; I identify a lot with this image

I fell away from my faith many years ago as the hypocrisy of many Christians drove me away. I believe Ghandi had said he would likely become a Christian if he could truly meet one, or something along those lines. His point being that many if not most Christians are not Christ like, and I am not talking about the being free from sin aspect, but the love and acceptance of others.

So many Christians can be unkind, judgmental and not welcoming at all. Exploring any religion can be intimidating, but when the majority of those who claim to be practicing the faith are behaving more like they have their own agenda in mind, it can be a real turn off.

I have always said to others, my faith is not in man/woman, as humans we inevitably fail, but my faith is in God. Only God has the right to judge others and the Jesus I studied, He invited everyone to the dinner table.

In the Catholic Church on our wedding day

My faith has helped me through some tumultuous times in my life and has given me the strength to go on. I am grateful for Catholicism, and it being the original Christian Church, and I am grateful to God for what He had to give up so we can have salvation.

I hope my words did not offend anyone, but to me this is the gift I am most grateful to have ever received.

If you don’t agree with me, that is okay, I am only human and I would never want to force my beliefs upon anyone. I know the world is large and diverse and I respect this reality.

Peace & Love – Rachel

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