Today I am supposed to write about what is my favorite song and why. I actually lost an hour of sleep last night trying to determine what is my favorite piece of music. With so many genres and centuries of brilliant music which has touched my soul, it was useless for me.

Yes, a quote from Beethoven

I cannot choose, for anyone who is a musician or a true lover of music, I don’t believe it is possible to choose one song; I cannot even choose one genre.

The great Composer George Gershwin; I remember hearing Rhapsody in Blue for the first time as a little girl and it was mighty

One of my earliest memories is coming home from church with my parents and crawling up onto the piano stool which was too big for me at the time and playing hymns by ear. I think I was playing my own versions of George Gershwin by age six. My parents put me into piano lessons but I didn’t do well because I memorized the music and then enhanced it as the sheet music I was learning was too easy and uninspiring. I was playing Ravel’s Bolero by ear and the music teacher wanted me to play Old McDonald and read the sheet music, yeah, not happening.

I love George Gershwin so much I even named my cat after him! Gershwin is in his pink fluffy bed, and he also enjoys GG’s music!

I played the piano often and frequently until I started university, when having a social life and studying became my priority. After school, work became my priority and I don’t know why I didn’t continue to pursue music. It was a natural gift I didn’t fully develop and I regret not nurturing my God given talent to this day!

I grew up on Rogers & Hammerstein musicals! My Dad bought all the big ticket musicals on vinyl when the movies came out.

Some of my most cherished memories were from when I was a child watching musicals with my Dad and singing along. I believe there is even a punk band who put out their own version of South Pacific’s “Happy Talk”.

The cover of the movie/musical South Pacific; music by Rogers & Hammerstein

To this day my Dad and I annually watch State Fair together and we forget about all the problems of this crazy mixed up world, eat junk food and sing along of course.

Another Rogers & Hammerstein musical; it is my Dad’s favorite.

I mean there is Bjork, Duran Duran, The Beatles, Sloan, Elliot Smith, Pink Floyd, Richard Wagner, The Kinks, Jean Sibelius, Echo & The Bunnymen, Pink Martini, Belle & Sebastian, Air, Mozart, Queen and Rachmaninov. How can I possibly choose one favorite song?! It is not possible.

Bjork – I just love her. She is weird and makes no apologies for it…

There is only one genre of music I don’t like and it is new country (shhhhh! I hope the girls from work don’t read this post). I like some old country, but generally speaking, I cannot relate to the music. Country music does nothing for me. Sorry country fans!

My man Richard Wagner! Look at how stylish he was in the 1800s. I know he and I would have become fast friends if we had ever met. So eccentric and advanced for his time…

I am grateful for the centuries of music and how it has evolved and changed over the years. I am grateful new classical music continues to be composed while we continue to study the complexity of old classical. I am grateful for the British Invasion from back in the 60s and how you can hear the influence in some of today’s modern music. I am grateful there is so much talent and music out there I am unable to choose one song as a favorite.

Do you have a favorite song? If yes, what is it and why? If you don’t because choosing one would make you feel like you were cheating all the other amazing artists out there, I am with you one hundred percent! Also, there are hundreds of tremendous musicians, composers and bands I did not mention.

Peace & Love – Rachel

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