Today’s gratitude is about blessings in disguise! When we come against a difficult situation and the ship we were trying to steer in one direction forces us to go in another direction, it can feel like the universe is working against us.

I had my heart truly broken two times in my life. We are talking years to get over each one. Hey man, when I love someone; I love big.

Both guys turned out to not be the nicest, and both had a roving eye… If you know what I mean. I tried my hardest to make the relationships work, but when something isn’t going your way, the smart thing to do is walk away. I came up with every excuse in the book to not walk away, believing we were kismet and meant to be.

In reference to the kismet comment…

When life doesn’t go in the direction you want it to go, trust God or trust what is meant to be will be. Likely there is a blessing in disguise.

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. If I had married one of these two guys I would either be divorced or in an unhappy marriage being perpetually cheated on and not treated well. I used to think it was just me, but time has a way of bringing the truth to the surface and what you thought may be uniquely an issue for you and you alone is often not the case.

If I had married one of these guys I likely never would have met Brian and married him and I cannot imagine not having my best friend who has my back 100% of the time by my side. I never had to try with Brian, I never had to force anything with Brian; he was always there for me right from the beginning.

Our wedding day

Things worked out for the best; things worked out as they were meant to be. Neither of us had to push the other; we both were on the same page, wanting the same common goals in life. We just worked.

So thank you douche bags of my past for breaking my heart as for one I dodged some nasty bullets and for two you both did me a massive favor and I am forever grateful for your rejections of my love. I am where I am today because things didn’t work out.

So if you are mending a broken heart my friends, stay strong, thank God the person is out of your life and take time to focus on you and how you want to be treated. There are good guys and gals out there for everyone, and don’t believe any differently. Just get out of your own way and be open to the possibility of anything! Let go and let God, and/or trust that things will work out exactly as they should.

What has been a let down in your past but turned out to be a blessing? Maybe a lost job opportunity which took you to another career you never dreamt of. Try to go with the flow and trust things will work out as they should.

I was looking for images for “what is meant to be” and it is from TheMindsJournal and it absolutely so true

Peace & Love – Rachel

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