Call me humble, but today’s focus on gratitude is challenging for me. I cannot think of one accomplishment I am proud of having achieved. So, I am winging it tonight. One accomplishment and I am not even sure I can call it that, but I will is traveling alone. I only traveled alone because I wanted to see a part of the world and both times I couldn’t convince any of my friends to come with me. I haven’t allowed the lack of support in traveling across seas prevent me from seeing parts of the world I wanted to see.

Twice I have visited Germany by myself, not knowing a soul who lives there, nor understanding the language for that matter. I went to Munich & Frankfurt in 2010 and Berlin & Cologne in 2012.

German history has always fascinated me since I was a little a girl and I wanted to see the land in person where so many pivotal historical events have taken place.

A random German man in München with his dog on his way to the beer gardens during Oktoberfest. I thought he was a dressed up entertainer so I gave him a couple of Euros and he gave me a strange look and shrugged his shoulders and then walked off (probably thinking stupid tourist!). Whoopsies! Photo taken in 2010

I had wanted to experience Oktoberfest before I became too old & uptight. However, in Germany, every age from young teens to ninety something year olds come out to Munich for the bier gartens during Oktoberfest. Everyone dresses up in Lederhosen or Dirndls. Hence, the gentleman above in the photo, who knew it is a very common ensemble during Oktoberfest?! I didn’t…

On a cobblestone road in Nurenber
With a fellow Canadian I met during my trip to München; both of us wearing our Dirndls
A British lad living in Germany giving private tours in downtown Munich and then taking the group I met up with to the Hofbrau Haus. My first liter beer!
My favorite castle thus far, Neuschwanstein nestled in the Bavarian Alps; it is commonly known as the Fairy Tale Castle. In fact, Disney World’s iconic castle is based on this very design.

In 2012, my friend told me about a great sale on tickets to Germany with return for $795 through IcelandAir. I had vacation time to burn and I was wanting to go back to Germany but I wanted to explore Berlin & Köln. So, being single and irresponsible I booked my return ticket on my VISA card even though I didn’t have the cash. I mean come on now! $795 to travel to Europe with return?!? It would have been wrong of me not to be irresponsible!

Since the Berlin Wall was taken down in the 80s, I got to pose with a large chunk of the original wall inside the Berlin Wall Museum
Posing with faux Russian & German Soldiers in front of Brandenburg Gate
Me with some bitter looking faux American Soldiers at Check Point Charlie
The Ampelmann cross lights in Berlin with a little green dude for when you are to cross and a little red dude with a hat when to not cross. It was only implemented in East Berlin and they have kept the lights despite there being no separation between the east and west.

I had the best time traveling by myself. I met many people along the way and the beauty of traveling alone is you do you. You don’t have to worry about anyone else’s personal agenda but your own. I loved it.

I still don’t look at my zest for traveling solo as an accomplishment, but I have had many friends and family say they cannot imagine traveling to a strange country alone. Comments like “you’re so brave!”.

I don’t know, if I hadn’t gone alone when I did, I may have never seen Germany, who knows? I am grateful for the two times I went to Germany alone, but I look forward to future travels with my husband and girlfriends (separately!) when it is safe to travel again.

What accomplishment are you proud of and grateful for? Gosh, I really didn’t enjoy this blog. I now feel the need to truly accomplish something more brag worthy.

The Germans love their beer and Berlin is famous for their Pilsners

Peace & Love – Rachel

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