On my way to work this morning, Brian cranked up Biggie Smalls “Hypnotize” as I am constantly singing the “refrain” (not sure if that is what you would call it).  The song put me in a great mood to start the day and of course Brian got a laugh out of my off beat groove moves.  Whenever I hear The Notorious B.I.G I think of how wealthy he was, yet he passed away way too soon; think about the music he could have produced if he had not been killed in 1997.  In thinking about his wealth, I reminded myself that I needed to update my readers about how I was doing with the Shopping Ban and how the month of January went.  I bet you are all dying to know! 


I was a bit of a hermit for the month of January and haven’t gone out with friends for dinner, but I did go out for two pints of beer with a girlfriend mid-January.  I was doing so well for not buying lunches (two per month was the allowance), but I had already bought two lunches in January and February 1st was so close, but it was pay day last Thursday and that means Turkey Day at the cafeteria, and it is a big honkin’ plate of turkey dinner with all the fixings, so I splurged for $10.34 (every penny counts!).  So, all in all not terrible, but not successful either, I would give myself a fail. 

 Above, the Turkey Dinner which took me over the edge for January 2019

I have abstained from buying any clothing as I don’t need anything and I have resisted all sales and temptation by not going into stores.  Once again, the strategy of avoidance works like a charm.  I have also not bought any new scented hand soaps, body washes, moisturizers or other toiletries most women delight in perusing at the drug store or grocery store, or God forbid Sephora, the greatest temptress of all!  

I did run out of my Rodan Fields (RF) kit which includes face wash, toner, moisturizers and a sunscreen moisturizer; RF is my skincare regimen and keeps me looking youthful.  The kit has been lasting me for three to four months as I only wash my face at night & follow the regimen, and then sunscreen in the mornings.  I did buy replacement Rodan Fields in January  which is expensive, but it is an investment for my skin and I don’t get Botox or fillers or anything like that.  

Suki’s Christmas present finally arrived in late January

I am allowed to buy gifts, and I bought Brian a pair of replacement jogging pants off of Amazon as he likes to wear these grey straight leg jersey cotton pants with a draw string when he is home chillin’ like a villain.  I also got my very naughty and bored Siamese kitty a Fox Den which I ordered on Amazon and it has already proven to be worthwhile as it entertains her in the mornings when we are trying to get ready or at night when we go to bed and she isn’t ready to settle down.  I also got myself a set of two eye shade masks for sleeping at night, as I now require to wear one in order to sleep at night.  Yes, it was ordered off of Amazon.

I said no more books as I can get them from the Library, but I failed again on this one, I bought three new books on traveling.  Brian and I are planning to honey moon in Austria, Prague and Budapest, so I got us “pocket books” we can pack with us when we travel to Europe.  Yes, I could say we need them, but I could have borrowed from the Library and taken notes, photo copies the maps.  Darn you Amazon!

 Yes, so in conclusion to this blog, I highly recommend NOT downloading the Amazon App, as it makes purchasing stuff WAY TOO EASY!    However, I do love it; such a conundrum.


I am giving myself a massive “F” for Fail for the month of January.  But,  you know what they say about failure, it is practice to be successful and fail forward.  We have the month of February, right?  Right!  I will continue to do my best to abstain from buying un-necessary stuff and if I do shop, I will be letting you all know every last dirty detail. 

Did anyone else join me in their quest to spend less money and reduce their shopping or create a “just say no” list  for shopping?  Let me know.  I showed you mine, now show me yours!  

Peace and Love – Rachel




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