Before you cast judgment on me, I would like to start off by saying no credit cards were utilized in today’s shopping spree.  Also, similar to a smoker who quits smoking, each person quits differently, some will have a “quit day”, some will go cold turkey straight away, some will wean themselves off and then some will indulge in a blaze of nicotine glory.  

I decided to have one last proper shop (which I honestly have not done in ages) before going on my shopping ban. Originally, I only had a couple of items in mind, black pants I have been coveting for months and new bed sheets, but temptation got the better of me & I thougt lets just get this out of your system. 

As a self proclaimed shopaholic, it is easy to reason with myself as to why I need something.  My ability to not shop has been strictly avoiding temptation and abstaining from stores works well. 

So, I went into store number one, Dynamite and found the pants I was looking for, tried them on and purchased them.  Dynamite is not  a high end shop, and the price of the pants/leggings were super reasonable. No dissonance for this bargain! 

I made the mistake of entering Sephora which to me is like a candy shop chalk full of girly delights!  The store’s lighting and merchandising is over stimulating, every corner you turn you will find unique beauty products which are brilliantly displayed screaming “BUY ME!!!!”.  Why did I go in there?!  Sephora now has a “Brow Bar” by Benefit – where you can have your brows waxed, shaped and tinted. I was drawn to this magical booth, and the cheery aesthetician asked me if I would like a brow wax. I thought about it and looked at the price menu and declined the offer. She noticed the poor state of my eyebrows as I over plucked in my 20s and they didn’t all grow back. She showed me some make up tricks to appear to have darker bolder brows with shape. Damn it! I have eye brows and they look good.

$55 later…

“Gimme Brow” by Benefit has given me eyebrows so how could I say no! Since I declined the brow wax, I figured I would save money with a DIY,  hence the tweezers which I will use multiple times to pull out the stray hairs outside of my brow line. In reality I am saving money 😉 Great customer service at Sephora, love this glamorous store. 

I went into Bath & Body Works & I had five items in my hands and I had a coupon for if I bought $15 worth of products I would receive a free hand soap! I paused and thought “what am I doing?!?” I don’t need any of this stuff right now. I am well stocked with hand wash. I left the store with nothing but a coupon which is now in my paper recycling. 

I browsed through a few more shops and picked up a few items and said “no Rachel”, put them all back walking away with my head held high. 

Then I went into Winners and I had some fun. Perhaps a bit too much fun… I found the bedsheets I wanted and a good price to boot. Check out my new adorable pineapple bedsheets by Tommy Hilfiger. 

Then I found a floatation device for the beach, a sizzlin’ hot crispy strip of bacon that is!!!! I mean come on! How cute is this? And it is six feet long! Plus, I got a great score on this, as at the mall they were selling the same product for $30 and I got mine for $16.  

I do actually need the above item as I am very fearful of the ocean and what lies beneath the water. I don’t like to touch the bottom when I do swim the Atlantic for fear of a crab grabbing a toe or some sea creature stinging me. So, this was actually a “need”.

Next, I did indulge in some toiletries. 

They were on clearance and smell delightful.  Sandalwood & vanilla – a divine scent.

I am convinced that if I have the right work out clothes I will work harder at the gym or run an extra kilometer or two. I saw this gem below for a reasonable price and it was destined to be mine. 

A lot less expensive than Lululemon with a positive message! A top at Lulu will cost you $60; this was $15. 

Winners is dangerous and I usually avoid the store because above is what happens.  I didn’t even fully explore all the sections, but I do love my purchases. They were bought with cash and I am done. 

When I got home I canceled my Fab Fit Fun subscription because I know as much as I love receiving a seasonal box full of surprises and goodies, I don’t need more stuff. FFF was a super fun box and once I have things under better control and the Canadian dollar gains more value, I may revisit this subscription.  For now it is a no.

The shopping ban begins tomorrow and I will go through the rules with you then.  I am starting with four months so October 5th will be the end date. 

Today was fun, but it is now time to get serious with some debt being paid down. 

Peace and love – Rachel

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Living in beautiful Nova Scotia. Blogging about everything under the sun from social injustices, minimalism & the corruption of over consumerism, traveling the world & experiencing different cultures, mental health issues, diet, dating, book/restaurant/product reviews and social issues. I hope to encourage and inspire being authentic as I can be. I hope you enjoy what I have to share and please feel free to drop me a line.

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