The world has changed in ways we would never imagine since the fateful announcement on Friday the 13th of March, 2020. We are all living in a terrifying Global Pandemic also known as Covid19 or the Corona Virus.

Most likely how my kitties feel about me being around all day every day now…

Many of us have lost jobs, or as in my case, I had a position which came with a lot of uncertainty as to how long a not for profit organization would be able to sustain the payroll for a position which was not considered essential to its ability to function. I am very blessed though as I had taken a leave of absence from my previous position in health care to “test drive” this one & I was able to return early from my leave & I honestly have to wonder if it was God’s will for me to be where I am now as I am big time needed right now.

Yup, but worried about the weight gain and living in my yoga pants!

Everyone in healthcare who is able to work whether from home or at the front lines is putting in a lot of time, and working hard at a concentrated fast pace. I happen to work in recruitment so our focus right now is having a large number of contingent staff on hand for deployment and filling new positions in our our new assessment clinics and centres. The work is hard yet rewarding and I have never seen such great organization, team effort and positive leadership as I have now. Crisis can bring out the best in some teams and the worst in other teams; my team is working it and killing it.

Bottom right is most accurate but not sleeping throughout the day, but working so hard the end result is pure exhaustion during this Covid crisis

“But, how are you coviding?”, you may ask…

Not well my friends. I need a routine and my routine has been turned upside down since March 13th when I started working from home in my other position. Right now I am exhausted as I have been staying up late watching shows with my husband. Sleeping in until I have to get up, grab something to eat, have COFFEE, lots of coffee and turn on my computer and start sprinting into my day which I know will fly by as the work & demands are endless right now. Sometimes I throw on some clothes, sometimes I stay in my pjs. It isn’t good.

I was well on my way to Day 5 minus the beard!

I haven’t been taking lunch breaks, which is 100% on me. I have been eating lunch but mindlessly at my desk while trying to cram as much work as I can into my day. Not healthy for me, not good for my work. Previously, when working at the office, I would go to the gym on my lunch break. Lately, I have been telling myself I will work out after my day, but I am too tired or hungry and exercise is being skipped. Not good.

Today I sat at the kitchen table for lunch and ate this beauty of a bacon & tomato sandwich with a side of chips!

I am not coviding well. Not at all. I need a routine and I need to stick to it. Don’t get me wrong, I know my work is going to demand some extra effort right now, and I am happy to pitch in to help work with my team to get to where we need to be. BUT self care does not need to go down the drain during all this Covid craziness.

I have been very grateful for the limited bandwidth now allowing us to use video for our conference calls…

My Coviding Plan for the Work Week:

1. Wake up for 6:30am to start day

2. Get dressed, do hair, do skin routine

3. Make a healthy filling breakfast with lots of coffee because I love coffee

4. Aim to be online by 7:30am (8am at latest)

5. Work until noon, take one hour lunch break which will include a work out, or a run, or even a walk (lunch work outs refresh my mind for the rest of the work day)

6. Work until 4:30 pm at the latest (unless urgently needed to work longer)

7. Make supper – start preparation by 5pm so supper is ready before 6pm

8. Shower by 7pm

9. Pray the rosary (this takes around twenty minutes and this week I haven’t prayed at all due to poor time management)

10. Watch tv with husband

11. By 9pm it is time to wind down, get ready for bed, read a book, unplug from phone, social media, Pinterest and be offline for an hour before going to sleep

The weekend is up for grabs and to do as I please, but I need structure in my work week. I have been exhausted from stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and just a general lack of self care. My self care has been watching Netflix and being a lump on the couch and that is not healthy.

True story!

I was working for the Archdiocese before returning to my position in healthcare so prayer was a daily part of life including mass. For me to not be taking the time to be quiet with God and reflecting on my days in prayer is hard on me, this is why I incorporated the blocked time to say the rosary. I have a lot to be grateful for and I attribute God for every blessing in my life. It is important for me to maintain a close connection to God and to give Him the time He deserves.

My set up from home & yes, very blessed to be working with dual monitors.

Sleep is incredibly important for my ability to thrive and function throughout the day. When I am overtired I cannot give what is needed to have a productive successful day, and with fatigue comes unhealthy food choices. It is a known fact, when we don’t get enough sleep we eat comfort foods we crave and we also tend to over indulge. Once you hit forty, indulging comes with a weight gain!

Credit for above goes to

I will try to check in next week to let you know how my simplified plan goes to tackle the work week.

Stay safe my friends!

Peace & Love – Rachel

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