Here is an update on my “Shopping Ban” which is turning more into a shopping reduction. I cannot say I have been successful, but I am absolutely more aware of how I am spending my money. I am tracking everything I buy now on an app called “Spending” (free); which has bar charts and pie charts. It is a great app, but also super depressing as I am failing this challenge badly. 

 Little expenses certainly add up, such as coffee and a breakfast sandwich comes to $6.05 where I work, and like I said before lunch is close to $9.00 and that isn’t including a beverage on the side such as juice, or fizzy water. I track these purchases under “eating out”, and then there is the actual “eating out” with friends. I messed up badly on this portion of my challenge, where I was only going to allow myself two drinks with a meal, and the bill costing no more than $50.00. Hasn’t been happening. There were a couple of nights where the drinks were flowing and the eats were abundant.  However, I have been sticking to the cash or debit only rule, so at least I have this going for me. 

For July I did purchase a few items which I felt were “needs”, but if I am honest, they weren’t dire needs. I bought a magnetic screen curtain for my balcony door, as when leaving the door open my apartment looked like I was living in the wild there were so many flies flying around, landing in the cat food, pooping on God knows what, plus my youngest Siamese cat, Suki was eating her weight in flies (the only creature she is allowed to hunt and kill), which concerned me. 

Suki the vicious fly huntress below: 

It was $20.00 plus tax, and well worth the purchase.  Works like a charm! 

The second item I bought was a tower fan for the living room as it is on the ground, it provides a nice breeze with little to no sound, so I turn my air conditioner off which is in my bed room when I leave for the day and leave this fan on for the cats. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady, but anyone who reads my blogs regularly would know this! The fan was on sale for $50 plus tax. 


Gershwin is my male Siamese:

The third item I bought were a brand new pair of thong Birkenstocks in brown, as I honestly do have horrible messed up feet, and my orthopaedic surgeon recommended that I stick to Birkenstocks as they are nice and wide and a good quality shoe. I am not going to mention the price as I paid full price, but the pair I wear with everything in the summer had seriously died and were no longer comfortable. I felt dissonance over this purchase because I have a few pairs of Birks as I love them, and I could have worn the other ones which don’t go with as many outfits, but are still doable. Yep, epic fail here. 


A colleague of mine bought a dress in Las Vegas from Banana Republic which she did not try on, and then realized she didn’t like the color, so gave me the dress for free! This was a fantastic score with no guilt involved. 

Coco Chanel to this day is my style icon. Although she boasts some of the greatest haute couture known to mankind. She also has some gems which shows her Parisian way of elegance & simplicity. 

The last quote goes to show that you don’t have to have new clothing to be stylish, or the latest trends which to me is a good thing… As shopping for new clothes is out of the question, and it is my achiles heal. 

 We are in the month of August, and so far I have not done any damage to the wallet, or bought anything I don’t seriously “need”. I bought some Liquid Plumr for hair clogs which I normally wouldn’t buy, but my sink is clogged, which truly makes it a need. I am hoping come September I will be able to brag about how tremendous my month of August was. Fingers crossed no more “needs” arise besides the usual grocery list and replaced toiletries. 

Is anyone else trying a shopping ban or giving up something to try and save some money? I would love to hear about your challenges or ideas on how I can cut more costs.
One more from the lady who transformed the fashion world for women! 

Peace & Love – Rachel



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