An Important Travel Tip When in Europe 

Having been to Europe a number of times now, one thing I have learnt is to always have change on me.   Well…  Ha ha ha…  No, seriously, when in Europe and you need to use the lavatory for whatever your business may be, unless you are in a restaurant or pub as a paying […]

Shopping Ban Update for July

Here is an update on my “Shopping Ban” which is turning more into a shopping reduction. I cannot say I have been successful, but I am absolutely more aware of how I am spending my money. I am tracking everything I buy now on an app called “Spending” (free); which has bar charts and pie […]

Where is the Enemy and Who is the Enemy?

Last Friday night we watched the news with heavy hearts as we learnt Paris had been targeted and hit by the former Al-Qaeda group now known as ISIS.  I personally have experienced a variety of mixed emotions, however none so great as sadness and sorrow for the victims and their loved ones who will never […]

The Five Piece French Wardrobe

When I think of fashion, I think of Paris, France and Coco Chanel.  Parisians are known for their smart dressing and style; the women have that “Je ne sais quoi” mystery about them.  They drink gallons of wine, and eat truck loads of baguettes paired with the most delectable cheeses, yet remain svelte and healthy. […]