The challenge continues as more items are discovered which I will never use, therefore they are either being trashed or given away…


  1. A bustier I bought for a costume, but never used
  2. A pair of earrings
  3. A container for cat treats (gift)
  4. A cat salt shaker (gift)
  5. A cat pepper shaker (gift)
  6. An Eos lip balm (this brand dries my lips out and it was in my stocking)
  7. Frozen hand wash (Christmas stocking) 
  8. Frozen shower gel (Christmas stocking)

So, that is all for day eight. My friends and family continue to give me crazy cat lady paraphernalia in addition to stuff you would give a six year old little girl.  Keep it coming and I will keep filling up the Salvation Army bin.

Peace & Meows – Rachel

2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Minimalism Challenge 2016

  1. I’m trying to eliminate 2,016 items in 2016. I have already given away many cat-shaped things.I do love my cat, so that must mean I want a dozen cat knick knacks! I am hanging on to my salt and pepper shakers for now, though…

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