I have to admit I am shocked I have made it this far with purging. Most items have been fairly easy to be rid of, as I keep asking myself the following questions:

1. Do I use/wear this item?
2. Do I love this item?
3. How does this item add quality to my life?

If I answer no to all three questions, it is leaving my space.

Today’s 21 items are:

1. Baseball glove (giving to a friend)
2. Drink coasters
3 – 4. Books of post cards from Italy
5. A sketch book
6. A travel book
7. A bag of various change before the Euro was introduced (giving to my brother who collects coins)
8. Butt pad shorts for snowboarding
9. An incense burner
10. A piggy bank
11. An old University clip board
12. A candle sniffer
13-14. Micro fiber wipe cloths (hate the texture against my finger tips)
15. A lamp
16. A fascinator
17. A picture frame with Beatles pic
18. A blow up pillow
19. Scoobie Do toy from Happy Meal
20. An acrylic shellac
21. Glow stick bracelets


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