Day Seven – Minimalism Challenge

Wow! One week complete today with The Minimalism Challenge and I still have heaps to go through and give away; this process is allowing me to actually “get it done”, rather than hem and haw as to whether or not I may have a use for something some day.

Today, I am getting rid of three flavored tobaccos for the Hookahs, one sleep mask, a jar of homemade jam (my parents make strawberry jam every summer and give me a few jars), a coffee travel mug and a reference mini French book.

Tomorrow is a new week and eight items will be leaving my home. Looking forward to living a more simple and less cluttered lifestyle. Come and join me in the challenge and show me what you either give away, sell or toss in the rubbish bin!


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You Know Jacques!

Living in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. BA in Political Science, bailed on pursuing law school or international relations. Despite always wanting to be a writer, wound up in the wonderful world of HR. Opinionated yet reserved due to being Canadian and career choice. Hope you enjoy what I have to share. x

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