Today is Day Two of the Minimalism Challenge, and I have selected a Barbie doll to give away and a purse holder.

Day Two Give Away!
Day Two Give Away!

When I was a little girl I was obsessed with Barbie dolls!  I had a mini suitcase which carried all of my Barbie dolls with a variety of clothing bursting through the plastic seams of the carrying case (sounds a bit like my own wardrobe!).  I spent hours playing with these blonde bombshells.

I moved out west in my early 20s, and my Mom being a woman who was very involved in charities knew that there was a need for toys and in particular Barbie dolls; she asked me if I was okay with her giving away all of my Barbies as clearly I had no use for them anymore being a young grown woman, I said yes, but I requested to keep one..  It was the “Pretty in Pink Barbie”; I just adored her for some reason, and wanted to keep her for the occasional hair brushing moment.

The very much loved "Pretty in Pink" Barbie circa 1981
The very much loved “Pretty in Pink” Barbie circa 1981

Years later, I forgot about the conversation we had, and I went to my parents for a visit and looked for “Pretty in Pink Barbie”.  She was missing!!!!  Mom had given her away too!  I was so upset with  my Mom, she bought me a Malibu Barbie, not the same…  So, this is how the Barbie I am giving away came into my possession.

The purse holder is so you don’t have to put your purse on the ground or place on a counter/desk; it was a hand me down from a colleague.  I never use it, and it is more in the way than a help, so into the donation bag it goes!

A bientot!

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