Shopaholic Update – February Flop

First day in NYC and I bought a Michael Kors leather jacket.  #shopaholic
First day in NYC and I bought a Michael Kors leather jacket. #shopaholic


Despite my cockeyed optimism to abstain from pleasure shopping for one year, February proved to be an exceedingly long and arduous month for me.  Mentally, I had to deal with the hardship of a bruised heart, and much like an alcoholic who turns to a glass of whisky for solace, I turned to retail therapy.  However, I did not go over board by any means, I just wanted to treat myself to a few inexpensive items and cheer myself up as my ego took a major beat down.  I indulged in a couple of sales and purchased a couple of tops and some accessories, nothing compared to what I used to do.

I am very happy to report I have not bought any new makeup, soaps, body washes or that sort of thing.  I am now working on a drawer full of toothpaste samples from all my trips to the dentist ; funny how I have saved these for my trips… Clearly, I don’t travel nearly enough!

I have avoided shops for the most part as I figure it is like a Dr. Phil thing, as long as I don’t have the temptation around me, I can stick to the plan.  It has been tough though, when the girls from work come back to the office with 80% off new shoes and cute new ensembles all reduced to ridiculously low prices.  I feel the pangs of not being able to shop, of course a restriction I have placed upon myself to help pay down my debt and appreciate what I already have.  By no means am I suffering, and it will be a long while before I can wear anything to the point of it falling apart because I already have so much.  I am greatly blessed and I am still looking to reduce my load of loot.

Some people eat for comfort, some people drink for comfort, I have always shopped for comfort.  Boyfriend dumps me; buy a new snuggly warm sweater… Have a tough week at work, buy new yoga pants from Lululemon so I can work out my frustrations, or buy some new bath salts to soak away my problems.  I remember as a teenager when my Dad was often away because of work, my Mom would take me shopping, and we would get out of the car and she would hold up my Dad’s credit card and yell “CHARGE!!!!!!!!!” as we ran to the beautiful sanctuary, the holy of holies – Holt Renfrew!  My poor Dad, but he loved to buy beautiful outfits for his girls.  I never went without growing up, and I always had the best of the best from “H to T”.

Growing up, being a single woman and having only myself to rely on has been a real wake up call, and designer clothing is expensive, and yes, a lot of it is superior in quality, but some of it is mediocre at best.

Well, that is my update for now…  Sunny skies and warmer weather may prove to be more successful in my chaste pleasure shopping.

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