When You Gain Back Weight You Worked Your Butt Off to Lose

Probably one of the greatest frustrations one can experience is “waking up” and realizing you cannot go back to old habits and if you want to continue to lose or maintain, you need to stick to the healthy lifestyle change. I had lost twenty pounds by the time summer arrived last year in 2018.  My […]

What is Your Diet Kryptonite?

My Achilles heel when it comes to dieting is baked goods.  Specifically homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies.  As an adolescent I didn’t care for chocolate, and I had more of a salty tooth and less of a sweet tooth, but now that I am older my body shivers for sugary treats.  I mentioned previously in […]

Here We Go Again…

I have had an on and off again relationship with Weight Watchers for almost a decade. Some may ask why I keep coming back and the answer is simple “It Works!” It works when you follow the plan and you do what you are supposed to do, and “It Really Works” when you don’t go […]