Tomorrow in South Korea is Pepero Day. What is Pepero? It is basically Pocky as far as I am concerned, but don’t say that to any South Korean! My sister in law who is Korean is adamant that Pepero is different from Pocky (Pocky being the original chocolate dipped stick from Japan).

Pepero is a Lotte product and is specifically “Korean”. According to my research the cookie stick came into existence in 1986 and there are nine flavors, including a yummy cookies and cream flavor and a plain hollowed out stick full of chocolatey goodness.

The word pepero means skinny stick in Korean. The legend of Pepero Day comes into play here when supposedly two South Korean middle school girls were eating Pepero on November 11th and the one girl said to the other girl if we eat eleven Peperos at 11:11am in eleven seconds on the 11th of November they will grow up to be tall and skinny like a Pepero stick. It is a silly legend and most likely contains little truth to it, but it is also kind of cute…

Above two middle school South Korean girls in their school uniforms which is mandatory for all students to wear once they hit middle school and high school.

Why Pepero Day is on the 11th of November is because the said month combined with the 11th looks like the Pepero cookie sticks 11.11. It is basically a Hallmark holiday like Valentine’s Day (however there was a real Saint Valentine); a day to give your friends Pepero and eat as many sweet sticks to your delight.

I became curious about this fun day of cookie stick consumption when I noticed stores having an unusual amount of Pepero on display and gift packs which I did indulge in myself. I bought some for my niece and nephew and some to take back to Canada.

There are games to be played on Pepero Day and if you dare you can attempt a Pepero kiss; it is a bit like Lady & the Tramp in the spaghetti scene… You take a stick and share it as per the below advertisement and eat as much as you can without touching lips. Or maybe you do kiss? I am not sure…

You can buy K-pop Pepero designed boxes or what I purchased, the KakaoTalk friends.

You can buy elaborate gift sets of Pepero or some choose to empty a box and roll up wons instead. It is a day to exchange Pepero and related gifts to friends and loved ones.

It is a fun day for kids & and many make their own Pepero sticks and decorate them in colorful icings and sprinkles to exchange with friends and crushes.

All in all, Pepero Day is meant for fun & 11:11 has been known to be a magical number combination, and the time of day when you make a wish.

For those who may be celebrating; I hope you have a fantastic Pepero Day!

Peace & Love – Rachel

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