In October I will be heading to Florence, Italy for my third time.  I have learnt a lot over the years when it comes to traveling.  

A picture from 2006 in Florence

The one thing I have learnt is when it comes to packing you want to pack the least amount of stuff possible. Ten years ago I had a giant suitcase full of different outfits for my two week adventure, some ensembles I didn’t even end up wearing.  One of the reasons we go to Europe is to relive history and walk along the cobblestone roads and imagine the days of medieval times, with buggies and horse carriages. We roam the ruins where the infamous Caesar had once been seated to watch gladiators battle it out. 

Europe is old and sometimes the hotels you stay in are old & some have elevators, and some don’t. Sometimes the elevators only hold a few people and during busy times when you just want to go to your room and have a shower so you can start your day, you may end up lugging your luggage up a few flights of stairs. I have done this more than once.  If you are traveling from one spot to another, only staying for a couple of days, you don’t want to be toting a massive suit case which feels like a ton of bricks. 

In the next couple of weeks I plan to do a dry run of what I will be packing for my one week in Italy. My challenge will be to pack it all in a carry on suitcase with a carry on tote bag as my purse. 

Oh Tuscany ❤️

I want to go through a few tips first and must haves to bring. 

Absolutely needed is an adaptor.  It is a no brainer; Europe is no fly and flop catering to North American tourists. 

With wifi at most hotels and mainstream joints, you can charge your smart phone and skype with loved ones. 

Don’t spend your money on a bunch of travel size crappy products.  Purchase some reusable containers for your favorite shampoo, moisturizer and personal hygiene products. Don’t bring full sized bottles, as you will have to check your luggage then and also have to carry the weight. Lighten your load with travel size bottles and pots.

Hard lesson learnt, no need for details. If you have medications you need to take make sure you take them in their proper RX containers, otherwise they can be taken from you as contraband. Also, be sure to keep your meds on your carry on. Luggage can go missing and it can be a couple of days until you receive it, and if you need your medication daily, it can be a real head ache (literally and metaphorically). 

Great product above to freshen up your face or your hands when feeling grubby while traveling.

Travel size contact solution for my carry on  and a mini lint brush as cat hair is generally a part of my life. 

I have more must haves to go over, but these are a few of my tips and preparations for when I fly out in early October. 

The Vatican

I will be sharing more tips, including how much money you should carry, why traveler’s cheques are a literal waste of money and how to pack a small suitcase without having to go naked for a few of your travel days. 

Peace & Love – Rachel

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