Some of my followers know that between December and early April, I was recovering from an invasive foot surgery. I was in a hard cast for six weeks and then a walking boot for seven weeks. 

 It was a hard time for me not being able to hit the gym and pump those happy endorphins up, and in my immobile state I ate a lot to soothe my depression. Chips, chocolate, breads and ice-cream oh my! You get the picture, I pulled a bit of a ripcord, and gained 15 pounds, which also conveniently placed itself right around my waistline. 

Last weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia finally encountered some genuine hot weather, I excitedly pulled out my denim cut offs and other shorts I normally wear during the few hot days I get to experience in this rainy province. Can we say holy muffin top!!!! 

Devastating needless to say… I thought to myself, I can go out and buy a pair of cheapy cheap cheap shorts and wear those until I lose the weight, but then it hit me – oh yeah – no shopping allowed till October.

I am trying my best to see the positive side of this. For one, this forces me to try harder to lose weight so that I can fit into my summer wardrobe instead of replacing it with a size up. For two, this is a great practice for someone like me who has rarely denied themselves in the past. For the next little while I am going to be eating a lot of hard boiled eggs, veggies & fruits, green tea, and drinking water by the gallon. I will also be trying to up my exercise, which I do every day for the most part, but they do say when trying to lose weight it is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise. 
After my run tonight:


Funny enough dieting and trying to pay down debt are similar in a lot of ways. I will tell you more about their similarities soon enough.

 Peace and Love – Rachel      

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