The above photo is of the Halifax Central Library courtesy of Halifax Public Libraries .  This particular beauty is located on Spring Garden Road in down town Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Not only is it a spectacular architectural masterpiece, but it is full to the brim with stuff that you can borrow for free!!!  

I am not sure if there is a membership start up fee, as I have been a library patron for years, but it wouldn’t be very much and it would be a one time charge ($5.00 – $10.00 maybe).  At this particular library you can borrow not only books, but CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays, Audio Books and each floor is filled with nooks to plug in your laptop or take your materials for research and do whatever you please.  You can even eat snacks in this library!!!!

Nope!  In fact it is even encouraged.  The Halifax Central Library has a cafe on their main floor, and then also on the very top floor with a roof top patio to relax in the sun or in the shade with a cup of java and a great book.  Le sigh…  

In addition to lots of sheltered nooks for some seclusion in a public spot, there are lots of comfy chairs and depending on where you sit some impressive views of downtown Halifax through the many large glass windows which make up the composition of this amazing building. 

Today I borrowed three books to research Italy since I am going there in October! 

Even Gershwin the Siamese kitty wants to explore the wonders of Tuscany.  I don’t have to return them until early July and if I want to I can always renew one or all of them.  All for the very low cost of $0.00.  At one point in time I would have gone to a book store and just bought a book or possibly two which most likely would have put me out $40.00. 

Something else I noticed today at the library were the many available computers with access to the Internet.  I have Internet at a home and rely on it heavily so the cost of it is worth my while.  However, what a nice thing to offer the public as I am sure there are many who rely on spots like their local library to connect with others through the Internet; to be able to check for emails on a computer if you have no computer at home. 

Even a shopaholic like me can afford to splurge on books which are free.  Granted, they must be returned and on time to not incur any fines, but the reality is most books we read we read only once. 

Save a few dollars by finding the closest location for you & instead of buying a movie or even renting one, borrow one!  Better yet, read a book and have a place to return it instead of creating clutter or collecting dust. 

If you are in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this spot is worth checking out.  For more information on Halifax Central Library visit

Peace & Love – Rachel

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