Thrift Challenge – September means no café coffee

I never thought I would be that girl who cannot start the day without a cup of coffee. The sweet aroma of coffee wafts out a variety of offices I must walk by every work day. The scent of freshly brewed coffee is intoxicating, and I practically salivate each morning before I order my medium Dark Roast from the Tim Horton’s at my workplace. I cannot say I am a huge fan of Tim Horton’s coffee, but it has become a morning ritual – to order that medium coffee and put down my toonie and receive 15 cents in change.

I am trying to find ways to reduce spending money and be more thrifty, and although it may not seem like much, $1.85 does add up! Let’s do the math! So, there are five days of work in my week 1.85 x 5 = $9.50, not a lot of money spent, but let’s add it up for a four week month and we are spending $37 per month. So, let’s add up a year of work, and I will take out the four weeks of vacation so $9.50 x 48 weeks equals $456 a year on coffee, and let’s face it some days require more coffee than just one cup.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t seem like a large expense, but I have some debt I want to pay down and every bit paid down helps! So, for the month of September I will be making my own coffee daily!

I am allowed to accept free gifts of coffee for this challenge. Hey, I am not going to turn down a good cup of java! Come on now!

Imagine just how much money you could save if you were buying a latte a day! That could really add up quickly, possibly more than $25 a week! You could buy a flight to a European country (25 dollars x 48 weeks = $1200) – man oh man – that could be a flight to Thailand or South Korea with return! Just saying…

What can you cut back on and take the money you save and put it towards a fabulous vacation or pay down debt? Think about it!

Peace and love – Rachel



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