A bankruptcy sale to a shopaholic is like setting an ice cold pint of one’s favorite beer on a hot muggy day in front of an alcoholic who is severely dehydrated and thirsty. To make matters worse this alcoholic has been dreaming of this refreshing bevie for months. I was doing so well! Just the other day I realized I had not bought one item from Lululemon in over a year, so I went into the shop and came out with a black work out top which was on sale as a reward. I believe that was my taste of shopping which literally kicked me off the wagon.

My bestie sent me an email on Thursday with all the details of the bankruptcy sale of a store named “Mills”. Mills is Halifax’s small scale version of Holt Renfrew’s (Canada) or Saks (US) and located on the most well known street of downtown, Spring Garden Road. It was a store which used to do very well and has been around since 1919, originally called Mills Brothers. The store was sold three years ago and moved locations with a different concept, which I believe just didn’t work. The store was never the same after it was sliced and diced into a variety of compartments. As they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. When I initially heard the announcement I was very sad as Mills has been a landmark for Spring Garden Road.

Back to my train wreck moment today. I knew I wanted to buy an investment piece today aka the fitted black blazer. I b-lined it to the Hugo Boss rack which had a black tuxedo blazer regular $950.00 50% off; straight away I said “NO!!!!”. I thought okay, well, looks like I will just browse and then I saw a classic fitted black blacker by a Canadian designer and MADE IN CANADA!!!! Say what? What a treat to find an article of clothing actually made in Canada. Size 8 and it fits! Price was high but not Hugo Boss high and 50% off; yep, mine. I still feel good about this purchase as it is a timeless piece and fits right in with building my five piece French wardrobe.

Then I hit the make-up section and I have been so well behaved! I have not bought a new product in ages… Well, besides the Chanel lipstick from Duty Free while I was on my way to Cuba. Whoops! I walked into the tiny section of L’Occitane En Provence and I went “bananarama” on what was left!!!! This stuff NEVER EVER goes on sale. Resist Rachel Resist!!!!!! I couldn’t… There began the thrifty angel on one shoulder and the super fun frivolous YOLO devil on my other shoulder. “Go on Rach, you deserve some fine products which you would never buy full price! When will this opportunity present itself again?”. Like never!!!!! So, I gave in and bought some soaps, hand creams and an exfoliator by L’Occitane.

I also got some gels for my shoes which were only $3.00 each, a pink Hanky Panky lace thong (most comfortable thong in the WORLD), and a cleanser by Shiseido. Big sigh!


I think I am still high from this exhilarating shopping spree, yet I felt enough dissonance from all my luxurious purchases to say no to the frozen yoghurt I was going to treat myself. I think I did enough damage for one day… Back to the drawing board and because it is a bankruptcy sale I cannot return anything. Oh shucks and darn… Back on the wagon for now; back to Shopaholic Rehab, but damn it!!!! IT WAS FUN!!!!!




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  1. I must say that is a gorgeous jacket! I think you’ve got yourself a good staple piece right there! Enjoy the thrill and maybe use the one in- one out rule to keep you on track? We all need to treat our self now and then so don’t be too hard on yourself. Look how far you’ve come!

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