Drop it like it’s Hot! The Quest to Lose 20 Pounds in Three Months

I need to drop 20 pounds.  I am getting married on June 15 and I was worried about my dress fitting since my ten pound weight gain, and sure enough I couldn’t zip it up.  I bought myself a sample size dress from a bridal convention last year in 2018 and there is no ability to let […]

What is Your Why for Losing Weight and Staying Fit?

I believe Simon Sinek, author, motivational speaker and organizational consultant is the one who began the buzz phrase “what is your why?” and how defining your why can lead you to success & satisfaction. You can find a plethora of talks on YouTube by Sinek, but with a focus more on careers and helping organizations […]

What is Your Diet Kryptonite?

My Achilles heel when it comes to dieting is baked goods.  Specifically homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies.  As an adolescent I didn’t care for chocolate, and I had more of a salty tooth and less of a sweet tooth, but now that I am older my body shivers for sugary treats.  I mentioned previously in […]

I am Screaming about a New Ice Cream Discovery!!!

One of the greatest challenges for me in sticking with Weight Watchers & their Freestyle Smart Points program has been the sugar factor.  Like many men & women out there, my Achilles heel is my sweet tooth!   My absolute greatest weakness is ice cream and gelato!  Nothing soothes my sweet tooth like a nice […]

The Similarities Between Dieting & Budgeting

Last night I snacked on celery & carrot sticks with salsa because I had no points left for the day. Earlier I had an English Muffin (four points) and two tablespoons of cream cheese (five points), which was the bulk of my supper. I had a peach for dessert (zero points). If you haven’t already […]

The Longest War AKA Battle of the Bulge

I have been worrying about my weight since my mid twenties and I am a tall woman (5’10”to be exact) who can spread my weight out without people noticing a 10 pound gain. I have been hopping around in aerobic classes like a mad woman since my early twenties; step class has always been a […]