Day 15 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

I have never been much of a collector, but over a decade ago I fell in love with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series & I was obsessed.  I bought fan fiction, the complete box set on DVD, I had magnets, magazines, Xbox video games and action figures.  Yes, I majorly geeked out on Buffy. 

I used to dream about slaying vampires and find myself breaking wooden chairs in my dreams trying to find a wooden stake to slay the enemy.  I was so into vampires and Buffy with her squad, it was taking over my life at one point in time.  It was pure escapism from reality and it cost me hundreds of dollars. 

I finally decided to crack open my Buffy box and put the remains of my collection up on Kijiji and sell all of it for the low low price of 50 bones.  

I hate bartering and I just wanted it gone and quickly.  24 hours later, I sold it.  Seven seasons, six action figures, a music book (yes, the Buffy musical episode) and a bag of accessories for the action figures.  

Well, you learnt something new about me & I am glad the phase of collecting stuff like Buffy the Vampire Slayer is over. Buffy will forever be in my fond memories…

Peace & Love – Rachel 

Day 14 – Summer 2018 Mins Game 

Today, I hit the pantry cupboards & oy vey… I had a lot of baking stuff way past the expiry date.  The one thing I hate to waste is food, as I know there are so many out there who go without.  I am disgusted with myself during moments like this. I am putting forth an effort to eat what I buy and brown bag my lunches for work in an attempt to cut down on that latte factor where $5 to $12 here and there adds up. 

Today’s purge is mostly expired pantry items, but a couple of dust collectors too:

1. Free Christmas ice cube tray

2. George Forman grill

3. Expired sun dried tomatos 

4. Expired oats 

5. Expired flour

6. Expired coconut

7. Expired slivered almonds 

8. Hard as a rock brown sugar

9. Old as dirt icing sugar

10. Mystery jar of some powder 

11. Tin of cranberry jelly (not expired, but I like sauce not jelly) 

12. Bakers chocolate turning white 

13. True lime powder

14. A German music box empty cookie tin

The cranberry jelly and other items which are not expired food will be given to good will/food bank. 

Have you checked your pantry lately for food which has been pushed to the back and forgotten? 

We are now at a total of 105 items either disposed of or given away.  It feels good to declutter and to go through my stuff each day to see what else I can purge from my life to make more space for the stuff I truly love.  

Peace & Love – Rachel

Day 13 – Summer 2018 Mins Game 

I am trimming everything down in my life as I have so much stuff I cannot use it all.  Even my knickers’ drawer is bursting at the seams.  I work out a lot so my full back panties are rarely worn.  

I am not throwing these out and yes, I am giving them away.  There is a lot of poverty in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I think when something is put in the wash, hygiene is no longer an issue.  

Today’s purge is 13 pairs of panties!

All in barely worn condition.  

Peace & Love – Rachel

Day 12 – Summer 2018 Mins Game 

Oh my, the junk we accrue over time.  At this point I feel like I could be purging for years to come.  Every day, I go through a cupboard or a drawer and find a few more items taking up valuable space, preventing me from finding what I actually do use and need.  Today’s purge is a variety of clutter; there is no better way to put it.  

See 12 pieces of junk: 

1-2 cat coasters 

3-5 more dental floss

6 a web cam

7 a shot glass

8-10 candles 

11-12 expired kitty medicine 

Every thing is being donated to a charity bin with the exception of the expired kitty meds. 

Do you ever look at the stuff you are purging and calculate how much money you have wasted? I do this all the time and it is sickening.  

If you are wondering, I have now gotten rid of a total of 78 things in twelve days.  I feel more at peace already.

Peace & Love – Rachel 

Day 10 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

You would think at this point it is getting harder, but not yet!  Still so much stuff to dispose of… 

All going to good will, besides the almost empty dental floss! 

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cd
  2. Dental floss
  3. Dental floss
  4. News magazine
  5. News magazine
  6. Reusable Lululemon bag
  7. Address book
  8. Comic book
  9. German book
  10. Container or bag holding stuff

All of it is gone! Get rid of it! 

Peace & Love – Rachel 

Day 9 – Summer 2018 Mins Game

Today’s purge has a bit of a theme.   Between 2004 & 2006 I was studying Judaism after a trip to Israel. Typical to my Myers Briggs personality type being INFP (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceptive) I am very spiritual and I was searching for God for a long time.  Part of my quest to find my faith included studying with an Orthodox rabbi.  

Did I mention INFPs are notably categorized as being misunderstood aka weird?  It is okay, I am learning to embrace the weirdo in me.  

And I digress… To make a long spiritual story short, I accrued a lot of Jewish stuff and continue to receive items from Israeli friends (such as the Dead Sea products which I love but cannot use them all). 

Presently, I have a colleague who has always felt a connection to Israel and Judaism.  Like an unsaid calling of sorts, she explored her genealogy & discovered she had a long line of Jewish relatives and similar to many stories you hear, last names were changed, the faith was hidden to avoid persecution.  I gave the following nine items to my colleague & friend who is exploring Judaism now, studying Hebrew and thinking of converting back to the faith her relatives had tried so hard to hide for the purpose of survival. 

Once again, life comes full circle.  Glad I could share these items I once treasured with someone who will appreciate them & it allows me to do a “mitzvah”.

The nine items for the #minsgame are a book on Israel, a book on Jews in the 20th century, two children’s books on Chanukah, a prayer book I bought in Montreal, a Shabbat candle holder with the Star of David, a foot cream & a hand cream never opened from Israel (Dead Sea products) and a book mark. 

It feels good to give something you once loved to a good deserving person you know.  

Peace & Love – Rachel