Day Six – Minimalism Challenge

Today I am giving away two hookahs (aka Hubbly Bubbly), charcoal, tongs for the charcoal and two flavored tobaccos. Please note: this is not drug paraphernalia; it is a Middle Eastern custom to smoke flavored wet tobacco during or after a meal with a hookah or just to relax or socialize. One was a gift […]

Minimalism Challenge

Something is going on globally, as I have never seen so many blogs and posts about living a more minimalistic lifestyle. Perhaps too many episodes of “Hoarders – Buried Alive” has inspired this new trend, but this is a fad I am really excited about and I am completely onboard with the theory of “less is more” […]

The Five Piece French Wardrobe

When I think of fashion, I think of Paris, France and Coco Chanel.  Parisians are known for their smart dressing and style; the women have that “Je ne sais quoi” mystery about them.  They drink gallons of wine, and eat truck loads of baguettes paired with the most delectable cheeses, yet remain svelte and healthy. […]

Mindful Shopping

Giving up all pleasure shopping for one year proved to be an impossible feat for me.  However, it certainly has me thinking a lot more with the way I shop, and why I shop.  With all the spare time I had from not hanging out in my favorite stores, I began to do a bit […]

Shopaholic Update for May 2015 – FAIL

We are now in the month of May for 2015, and I have to say giving up pleasure shopping completely blows!  Especially on the clothing front; I am more into the classics & basics – banking on the idea that less is more when it comes to style, but I miss clothing shopping a lot […]

Shopaholic Update – February Flop

  Despite my cockeyed optimism to abstain from pleasure shopping for one year, February proved to be an exceedingly long and arduous month for me.  Mentally, I had to deal with the hardship of a bruised heart, and much like an alcoholic who turns to a glass of whisky for solace, I turned to retail […]