Day 4 – Minimalism Challenge 2016

Another decluttering tip is to not allow guilt to rule you. What do I mean?  Let me give you an example, I love cats and I have two of them who are the most adorable lovable pair of furbabies.  Meet Gershwin and Suki below:     I love my kitties, but that does not mean I […]

Days 2 & 3 of Minimalism Challenge 2016

One of the cardinal rules of decluttering is asking yourself the following key questions “Do I use this?”, “Do I need this?” and finally “Do I love this?”. If you answer no to all three questions get rid of it. Sometimes we keep things because it was a gift from someone special, but we need […]

FabFitFun Winter Box 2015 

I have never done one of these surprise product box things before, but I saw a lot of good press on the FabFitFun seasonal boxes.  My girlfriend said it was way better than Ipsy and gave you full sized products and seasonal items. How it works is each season they will deliver a box right […]

Day 19 – Minimalism Challenge

For day 19 I will be listing the items and that is all. Day 19: 1-4. Baskets 5-6. Stuffed animals 7. Essential oil in rose 8. Star sun box 9. Dog leash 10. Invisible style tape 11-12. Jigsaw puzzles 13. Box of games 14. Painting of horses 15. Blue Nose race t-shirt 16. Bustier 17. […]

Day 18 – Minimalism Challenge

A wise sexy woman I know sent me the feature picture for this entry which says “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” William Morris. I am glad this lovely lady shared this quote with me as I have been applying it to inspire […]

Day 17 – Minimalism Challenge

I have been moving all day and have almost a closet full of stuff I plan to purge. Pretty exhausted so keeping it brief again… 1-12. Books 13. Halloween decorations 14. A Hunger Games Mug 15. A bunch of colorful stir sticks 16. A small table 17. A large rubbish bin See you all tomorrow […]

Day 15 – Minimalism Challenge

Today I will have removed 120 items from my living space, and it feels good! I would have continued to just keep this stuff without thinking twice, I would have said to myself “some day I might use this”, but months turn into years. Day 15: 1. Pink scrub brush (never used) 2, 3, & […]

Day 14 – Minimalism Challenge

Up to 105 items given away or placed in the rubbish bin! My friend is doing the challenge with me and she believes she can go beyond 30 days. I am not sure, but I plan on taking this as far as I can and if it goes beyond 30 days awesome! Okay, onto day […]

Day 13 – Minimalism Challenge

Today marks a total of 91 items given away in 13 days! I personally think that is quite an accomplishment, and I fully intend to make it to 30 day. Today’s 13 Items: 1. A book mark 2. Crutch padding 3. A Halloween treat tray 4 & 5. Two eyeliners 6. A small stuffed bunny […]