Day 11 – Summer 2018 Mins Game 

Today’s purge I culled my closet for 11 items.  I am tired so I am not going to list them out tonight.  You can go through the pic and count them out which includes one pair of earrings.  All of it going to good will.  Dresses, shirts, two sweaters and Lululemon work out gear.   […]

Day 25 – Minimalism Challenge

Better late than never! I apologize for the delay as yesterday it was my birthday and not only did I take a day off from work, but also blogging. Yesterday I wore my Birthday dress which I bought over the weekend (part of the five piece French wardrobe, working with my favorite colors – black […]

The Five Piece French Wardrobe

When I think of fashion, I think of Paris, France and Coco Chanel.  Parisians are known for their smart dressing and style; the women have that “Je ne sais quoi” mystery about them.  They drink gallons of wine, and eat truck loads of baguettes paired with the most delectable cheeses, yet remain svelte and healthy. […]