Day Ten – Minimalism Challenge

I am becoming excited by how much stuff I am disposing of or giving away. I was asking my friend who is competing with me if she felt she was getting rid of stuff she would have just kept without too much thought and she agreed that this challenge was helping her to think of […]

Day Nine – Minimalism Challenge

Number nine, one Tortie Cat with tortitude included! As if!!!! Firstly, I love Izzie and I would never give her away, despite her Jekyll & Hyde personality. Today on day nine of the minimalism challenge I am giving away an old suitcase with a broken zipper, a broken Nut Cracker ornament, a lip balm, a […]

Day Seven – Minimalism Challenge

Wow! One week complete today with The Minimalism Challenge and I still have heaps to go through and give away; this process is allowing me to actually “get it done”, rather than hem and haw as to whether or not I may have a use for something some day. Today, I am getting rid of […]

Minimalism Challenge

Something is going on globally, as I have never seen so many blogs and posts about living a more minimalistic lifestyle. Perhaps too many episodes of “Hoarders – Buried Alive” has inspired this new trend, but this is a fad I am really excited about and I am completely onboard with the theory of “less is more” […]