Less Equals More

 After working our butts off to accrue a variety of “stuff” and listening to the media gods who tell us we need all of this “stuff” to feel fulfilled in life, more and more people are realizing what a load of poop it is.    Here is a list of benefits to inspire you:   […]

2017’s Resolutions 

Here is my list of New Year’s resolutions. However, I could just skip the list and tell you my ultimate goal is to be mindful in everything I do, and to focus on today, not worrying so much about tomorrow and leaving the past where it belongs… Be mindful in everything I do. Focus on […]

Start with Your Sock Drawer

If you are a self proclaimed pack rat, or you have simply decided you have too much stuff and want less clutter, you need to start somewhere.  If you have a bit of a hard time letting go of possessions, a great place to start is with your sock drawer. Below is a pic of […]

Living in Excess 

Never has there been a time in Western civilization that over indulgement has become mainstream & admired; we have become slaves to our possessions & the almighty dollar.  With advertisements inundating our social media, our emails, magazines and tvs – the North American dream is to own in excess of what is acceptable or reasonable. […]

All I Want for Christmas…

The dreaded question asked by family, loved ones and close friends has come again “What do you want for Christmas?”.  How is one supposed to answer this question when you are combing through your closet trying to find more stuff to give away.  When you look in drawers and cupboards and feel overwhelmed by the […]

Here We Go Again…

Decluttering and minimalism are en route to becoming a mainstream way of living. Much of this is because we are exhausted from life and we are seeking ways to implement simplicity into our lives. I don’t know about you, but man oh man, I am beat most days. Besides averaging over 150 work emails a […]

Humility, Gratitude & Minimalism

This past Sunday at Mass, the readings were all about humility which was a great reminder for myself to be more humble and to be grateful for the good in my life.  A reading from the book of Siracha talks of the greater you are the more humble you should be; it speaks how God […]

The Purge!

Not like the movie!  I am purging and decluttering and it is super messy & not so enjoyable.  I want this stuff out of my space ASAP!  I have heaps of books I have read and will never read again or just books I planned to read, but realized I will never read them. I […]

Day 10 – Minimalism Challenge

I most likely will be powering through a few days shortly. I am “KonMari-ing” my place and plan to get rid of loads of clutter.  The following ten clothing items did not spark joy in me!     1. Lululemon cropped pants 2. Lululemon winter hat 3. A non functional hat which does nothing for my […]

Do You KonMari? 

   Do you KonMari? Your days of having to watch “Hoarders, Buried Alive” for inspiration to clean the house are over. If you are looking to declutter your space and have a more zen like and peaceful environment, look no further as I am pretty sure I have discovered the Bible of tidying. I cannot […]