Tomorrow is Monday, and I am not sure about you, but I wish it wasn’t.  Monday means waking up early, and starting the weekly routine of beginning a work week. I think about the emails which will greet me before I even arrive at my desk, the requests from others who did some work from home over the weekend with the urgent exclamation mark which has become increasingly abused over the past few years.  I know I won’t sleep as well tonight because the idea of facing another work week overwhelms me, and especially Monday when everyone is chomping at the bit to have their urgent requests met. 

The Monday Dreads has become a bit of an epidemic where many of us have to mentally prepare ourselves for what is predictably going to be a stressful day.  I suspect part of the Sunday night blues is because on our weekends we can escape the busyness of work & having to be “on” for an eight hour work day or longer.  Times have changed significantly; when we are at work we can now be contacted by our office phone, our work cell phone, email, the archaic snail mail and messenger systems.  Our presence and whereabouts are constantly monitored; big brother is watching.  While responding to one email, you may have ten more roll in simultaneously; hardly seems fair, does it!?!  This is the way of technology though and if you are working for a large organization it is can be expected.

I did a bit of research on what to do so you are not wasting your Sundays dreading Monday.  The big kahuna of advice is to quit your job and find a job which makes you excited!  Sounds lovely doesn’t it!?

The problem is I don’t hate my job!  I actually quite like my work and I have a wicked team of colleagues.  Also, I love sleeping as I have vivid lucid dreams which is like going on a virtual adventure, but I doubt I can make a living sleeping.  I also love playing the piano, but I am no pianist.  I love writing hence me blogging, but if I were to quit my job and just start blogging I would most likely need to collect welfare as this is a hobby and no one has approached me offering me any contracts.  So, let’s be realistic here, chances are quitting your job isn’t the answer…. If you are incredibly miserable and do not like your boss or colleagues, then maybe it is time to look for work elsewhere, but you won’t just quit giving up a defined pension plan so you can weave baskets or become a rock star. 

I believe one thing we can all do is live in the moment.  Live for today and be grateful.  An attitude of gratitude seriously can make a huge difference.  

Challenge yourself!  How can you rock this Monday?  Is Monday going to rule you or are you going to rule Monday? 

Again be grateful!  You have to go to work on Monday?  How much would it suck if you didn’t have a job to go to work?  

What about the person who cannot work because they are too sick to work?  What about the over qualified surgeon from another country who is looking at a cleaning position so they can make ends meet?  Trust me, these people exist.  Or the student who finished a masters in literature who is applying to a minimum wage position in a book store?  Monday isn’t looking so bad now is it?!?

Let’s #Monslay the poop out of Monday my friends.  We are part of the working population and we are contributing to pension plans or other saving plans for our future.  

Work hard and play hard.  Take your breaks, and if you have too much on your plate at work speak to your boss.  They are there to advocate for you & if you are silently slaving away no one is going to know what is going on but you.  

I cannot emphasize enough how being grateful for what you have can turn what you may see as a crappy situation into a blessing.  If you’re reading this, you’re alive and breathing for one, but you also are able to read & many in this world are not educated or are illiterate (even in Canada).  We are the wealthiest and have it the easiest.  We have the upper hand in life.   So, chin up buttercup!  

Be grateful for the rising sun, be grateful for the coffee which will add zing to your morning, be grateful for the eggs you eat at breakfast time, be grateful for rush hour traffic as you are stuck in it because you have somewhere to go, and be grateful for Monday as it is the start of a week which earns you income.  Think about all which you would not have or be able to afford if it were not for Monday.  Now, enjoy your Sunday and every other day this week!  

Peace & Love – Rachel

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Living in beautiful Nova Scotia. Blogging about everything under the sun from social injustices, minimalism & the corruption of over consumerism, traveling the world & experiencing different cultures, mental health issues, diet, dating, book/restaurant/product reviews and social issues. I hope to encourage and inspire being authentic as I can be. I hope you enjoy what I have to share and please feel free to drop me a line.

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